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    Is there any way to customize revit, sketchup, interface? i mean, just like boot screen, icon, etc, maybe user interface overlay? to show a custom word on Revit menu bar, like changing button title, etc?

    Thanks a lot.

    I'm not really sure I understand the issue. Regardless of the exact technical implementation details: The way you're using Enscape will stay the same. It will still be as easy to use as it is right now. Even if we're utilizing dedicated ray-tracing hardware in the background in contrast to regular compute shader implementations (it will also of course still be compatible with non-RTX capable hardware). You won't notice any difference, except for much better performance, which will ultimately also enable us to up Enscape's rendering quality to new levels as well.

    We'll make an announcentment regarding RTX support, once we're close enough to give a proper release estimate. Anything else would be hollow promises. That won't happen in the next couple of months though.

    Sure, is like you say. I cannot see any issue on this, is just a better performance and better quality rendering for this gpus, as it has to be, but older gpus work like since today :)

    Just one last question for me, nowadays, do you recommended waiting for buying new one 2080ti (seems to be a not so good performance) or do you recommended me to buy an asus strix 1080ti 11gb for about 750€ (new one) [ 867,94 $ ], because my 980ti is a good gpu but i think is no so quick for VR rendering. Thank you a lot.

    Good news of course! I am waiting and Asus Strix 2080 ti for replacing our 980ti, we hope with this a better (more quick and more quality) performance on VR experience :) thank you for all that work for keeping enscape update 👍🏻

    I think that Sketchup feature is a perfect feature for quick work on rendering visualizations, even I will use Sketchup for quick renders (facades, etc.) because of that, and Revit for the complete project development.

    I can understand what you say, but, what about using any kind of tags for escape keywords? :) F.e.: /emissive/ or #emissive#, [emissive], something like this? :)

    Thanks for your replies.

    Hello Demian, first of all, thank you for your reply. I am satisfied with the trial of Enscape, I think is the best soft I've ever tried, really :) but I think would be helpful keywords also works with Revit, sometime we use basic materials just for esthetic, and would be great to put a texture, a keyword, and getting that quick results as ketchup. But Iam not an expert user, maybe I am wrong, anyway, more options are always better for me.

    Yes Jonathan, i now understand why is not allowed this kind of movements when you are standing, because of dizziness. But is perfect for us the Seated mode movement, Enscape is incredible, you have thought of everything! Thanks for your great work, PLEASE keep going! :)

    Another question about Standalone Exe Export File, is there anyway to export this file from Sketchup, and also the question important for us, is there anyway to change opening screen, or customize this exe with our studio brand logo and no enscape logos or words? and, if you allow me one last question, or a request, i think it will be great to show maybe only one button with movement instructions for the client.

    Thank you. ;)

    Hello Jonathan, thanks for your reply, I don't have here the vrheadset, but when seated, height view changes a bit, it is not true? I mean, is there any way to get that pan movement on walk mode, not seated? And also, is there, or will there be any way to customize control a bit more?

    Thank you for all.

    Well, I will do more testing, with many models, I am using "Big mansion with furniture" on Revit, it seems not to be a graphic card issue, because in Sketchup, model is very similar, and it takes more time to render when you look around than Revit one, but in Revit, which is a better time renders, I have this issue, when you turn your head. I am using 980ti gtx, I will do more test with your recommendations and let see what happen. Thanks.

    Hello, i have one Asus GeForce GTX 980 Ti Strix OC 6GB GDDR5, do you recommend me to buy another one for doing SLI or it is much better a standalone GPU for ENSCAPE? this is with the final purpose of showing my projects with VR Samsung Odyssey? Because of rendering time is very important in this case.