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    My enscape worked during July 2021 now it wont even load up when i hit the play button...? this was right before the current update in September or late august did the most recent update still nothing different still crashes before it loads up... went back 3 versions of enscape to when I originally got enscape still crashes.... not sure what to do? doesn't work at all. changed my NVidia settings to high performance and global settings too dynamic streaming as recommended by enscape questions.

    I'm running a msi workstation WS75 10tk with a Quadro rtx 3000 and core i9 10 gen. desperately trying to finish my website by tonight so i can post rendered enscape pictures and soon after a video.

    I have driveways and roads and other surfaces that are stuck with the color of the correct material or even stuck as the wrong material... for example i have a brick driveway that's stuck as the wrong color and the texture is waving as a grass texture?!!!!! I want it to be a normal asphalt, but its stuck as brick/grass luxury driveway with a waving grass texture on top. I am new to this and have no clue how to fix this anything would help.;(:sketchup: