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    tobiasolsen No, it's the "weak" GPU on my workstation, it just can't submit the images sufficiently quick. I could trace it with the help of the Oculus dev tools. Normal apps work OKish, but Enscape is just to complex (on Ultra).

    The good news is, I will leave it this state, since I was finally able to reproduce, without purposefully breaking things, a number of low frame-rate VR deficiencies. This gives me the opportunity to make things better when models start to get to complex. Yes, I know it's weird that I am happy that things are not running smoothly on my machine; Software Engineer...

    Arh ok! I never run ultra settings on VR for the same reasons, normally i lower it to medium. That said, GPU (power) does not really impact the streaming using ALVR. Comparable settings should look the same on Rift S/Quest (using ALVR), just with a little bit more latency on Quest.

    Yup its a super interesting proposition, but not ready for primetime yet, remember this is early beta.

    First of all you have to turn on developer mode on Quest, next you have to sideload the app, using Command prompt. Lastly, you need to install steamVR, Revive and ALVR app on your desktop. As I said, it runs well, tracking and visuals are pretty great, but latency is not the best yet. Controllers dosnt map perfectly yet. Hope this answers your question?

    tobiasolsen Can you confirm something for me?

    Does your Oculus Quest (with native Quest apps) also have some tracking lag of approximately 100ms? I have seen "wobbly stars" with the Oculus Rift S and am not sure if my setup is broken or it's just the nature of inside out tracking. And since the Quest and Rift S share the same basic tracking technology...

    Also I am interested in how bad would you describe the ALVR lag?

    Tracking on the Quest is pretty flawless. Better the OG Rift imo, no lag what so ever. Using ALVR to stream from PC to Oculus Quest introduces 50-70ms lag/latency

    Waycool , the Quest is really awesome indeed. It's nice to have no cables hanging around and still the performance/graphics are quiet good, but the more complex games are of course heavily optimized to work with the included smartphone hardware. In turn they are also kind of simplified. :)

    When it would come to Enscape standalones being executable on the Quest, especially larger projects would become complicated to render fluently to also avoid any nausea. But, despite that, I can imagine that there (will be / are) streaming applications which will allow a dedicated machine to be connected to the Quest to run Enscape. No promises of course yet, but the future does indeed look very bright when it comes to VR in general!

    Also added your vote to the dedicated topic on our agenda to support the Quest.

    Tested wireless pc streaming to the quest, using ALVR. Worked pretty great, a litte latency, thats it

    Hi, I'd like to comme

    Enscape team, please let Phil Read comment/advise on the Oculus Go's potential in Architecture.
    It could be EASILY passed around a boardroom during presentations... Perfect for ArchViz
    The Go deserves special attention, since it is essentially a wireless VR display with a high resolution screen.
    Architecture needs this functionality from a HMD, not 144hz in 6 DOF

    Its very easy to make 3D panoramas, export them and view them in the GO?

    What would be nice is true 6DOF VR on a mobile platform like Quest. THAT would be a gamechanger.


    Just read the version 2.6 Development agenda and a thing im really missing is multi user VR session!

    At our Company we have a lot of user workshops were we show the different plan- og furniture layouts, but its hard to guide our clients from outside VR.

    It would be really benificial if we could be with them in VR and guide them around.

    You could even imagine taking away their ability to teleport on their own and couple them to the guide teleport.

    Jonathan Knoefel yup im aware that the new comsumercards are on the way aswell, should be announced the 23th of august. The rumor sats that only 2080 and 2070 Will be called RTX and have the raytracing and ai hardware onboard. Lower end cards Will carry the GTX badge.

    But good to hear that you are positive about supporting it (if it make sense perfomancewise, ofcause).

    Personally im very excited by this new hardware! The future is Bright for realtime rendering😊

    Hi! I was wondering if you were gonna support nvidia RTX Technology just demoed at Siggraph today, using the new quadro cards? They are promising a lot of added perfomance in raytracing compated to their current architecture, Pascal, 6x in raytracing perfomance. We could really use the extra horsepower on bigger project were we are already maxing out our 1080TI.

    I understand that autodesk is already on board and they actually showet a really impressive demo using revit and solidworks.


    Jonathan Knoefel distortion on the viewport is fine with me, what I find really distracting is the restricted FOV inside the HMD. When you walk around outside, it is ok, you can barely see the distortion/blurryness against the sky. When i go inside, it is a different story.

    The more taxing the scene, the worse it gets, is it dynamic? Usually i prefer slower framerate to visual artifacts, before you implemented this "feature" I turned off ASW in the Oculus traytool when viewing really taxing/complex scenes, for me thats a better tradeoff.

    BTW sorry if I hijack this thread, if I do please feel free to move this comment to Reduced FOV thread.

    Any news on this front? Could you possibly enable users to toggle this feature/bug On/Off?

    I find it quite distracting and as I said before, I have used the rift since launch and I am wearing it as it is supposed to be warn. I even use glasses, which mean that I cant have the lenses close to my face, so I am actually reducing the problem.

    I have used rift since it was launched so I think im wearing it properly, I havent got this problem in any other game or app. Maybe if u could back it off a bit, the tradeoff would be acceptable. Just too distracting the way it is now imo.


    For a while now, I have experienced a strange, reduced FOV effect when using oculus rift i revit (i have not yet confirmed if the problem also exists in sketchup)

    There is a sort of "reflective ring" on the edge of my HMD FOV, reducing it a bit.

    Using newest build and newest nvidia drivers (on a 1080ti)

    Kind regards