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    I am running an Alienware R13 Core i9-10980 @ 3.1ghz, with Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 32gb of ram and Enscape version 3.3.1 . The vast majority of renderings we create are in the 2000pixel width range for small prints and viewing on screens. Whenever I try to run a larger image (say 4000 pixel width or above) enscape crashes almost immediately. If a 2500pix image renders out in about 5 seconds, I cant understand why a larger resolution image wont "simply take a little longer" instead of crashing. in other words, I would expect a correlation between render time and resolution (higher res = longer process) but not a crash. Having the ability to render larger images for large printed boards, banners, etc is a necessity in architecture and this functionality seems to have dropped off in the more recent versions of enscape. (For example, in much earlier versions, prior to having RTX video cards etc, we could run 8000 pixel images on a GTX1080 card and it would work fine)....

    here is a quick task manager synopsis of the above scenario:

    Render Size: 2500px Memory Usage: 16.8gb of 32 Render time: +- 5 seconds Video Card and CPU usage: negligible

    Render size: 3000px Memory Usage: 17.8gb of 32 Render time: +- 5 seconds Video Card and CPU usage: negligible

    Render size: 3500px Memory Usage: 19gb of 32 Render time: +- 5 seconds Video Card and CPU usage: negligible

    Render size: 4000px Memory Usage: 20gb of 32 Render time: +- 5 seconds Video Card and CPU usage: negligible

    Render size: 4500px Memory Usage: 20gb of 32 Render time: freeze and crash Video Card and CPU usage: negligible

    I thought it was interesting that there is a fairly consistent increase of 1gb of RAM for every 500px increase in image size until I hit 4500 where it hit 20gb and went flat and crashed.

    Any feedback would be great, thank you!

    Hi all, I was searching for a similar topic and found this thread was fairly recent so Im adding to it. We used to use a third party website ( to drag and drop several enscape panorama files to create a "tour" where we had a floorplan and could create "hotspots" to move around the plan and view various panoramas through a space. It would be extremely helpful if Enscape built this functionality directly into the software. In the meantime, wondering if anyone out there knows of any other third party websites that are simple and intuitive for creating virtual tours that are supported on mobile devices like ipad pros etc. The main problem with is the tours require an internet connection. Id really like to find an app that allows the tour to be downloaded and viewed without internet. Our clients often use the "tours" to look through a building or space while it is still a raw construction site etc and there may no internet around or even cell connection.

    Again, requesting the "tour" functionality be built into enscape. The workflow looks something like this

    1) render a 2d floorplan to be used as the "map" or landing page of the tour

    2) render as many panoramas as you want around the space

    3) create hotspots on the 2d floorplan that allow you to click through the panoramas at will and tour through the space.

    4) allow the entire "tour" to be uploaded to the web and accessed via a link or QR code the exact same way you can currently access an individual panorama.

    Thank you!

    This is a niggly point but I don't understand why the asset menu and the material menu stay in front of your skp window but the one you use the most.. the Visual settings hides as soon as you touch anything in skp. I am constantly looking for that menu as it's hidden but the others that are less important stay in front? See video here for what I mean.

    I still wish all these menus were just tabbed but that's another issue. Tabbed Menus

    +1 +1

    In an update to the above, if I change the resolution to Draft before exporting to enscape, I can get it to fully export. I was previously exporting already in Ultra mode but thats what I have done in all versions up to 2.6

    After getting it exported in Draft mode, if I change to Ultra it will switch but crash shortly after.

    This is leading me to believe that 2.7 is asking for more power from the GPU than 2.6 did because 2.6 worked seamlessly in Ultra resolution mode. Thoughts Demian Gutberlet

    ksf141 , please briefly send in a feedback report, by just clicking on the first button in the Enscape Renderer Error dialogue. Then you can also let me know once you've done so and I can check it out. :) Since I don't know the e-mail address of yours (the one used to purchase your license), kindly send it to me via personal message in this forum so that I can quickly find the report.

    Demian Gutberlet When i choose to send a report, the email portion is automatically filled in with the email of our company's IT director since its a corporate account with multiple licenses. (i tired to change it to my email in the screenshot but it didnt work) In addition, when I hit the send report button, sketchup crashes with the NVIDIA error message attached to the original post. Im attaching a screen shot of the error log screen before I hit send report. Not sure what else to do...

    I have a Thinkpad P51 with Nvidia Quadro M2200 Graphics card. Have been using Sketchup 2019 with version 2.6 and it has been worked beautifully and was surprisingly fast given the mediocre hardware. After installing version 2.7, I opened the same sketchup model that I had done renderings with days earlier on 2.6 with no issue. When exporting to enscape, I eventually get a crash with the attached error messages. It either a) crashes before fully opening the enscape window or b) opens enscape but crashes before fully exporting.

    I have latest drivers. Any ideas before I revert back to 2.6?

    Buy two 2080ti and use V-Ray instead Maxwell. ;) I hope Enscape in premium quality mode will only need 50s instead 5s. ;)

    Thanks for the note! unfortunately we've already tested Vray and Maxwell (in our opinion) blew it away in terms of user interface and intuitiveness. The plugin for sketchup made it way easy to get high quality renderings with simple, easy to understand controls for materials, sun, reflections etc. Vray requires to big of a learning curve with ridiculous settings like "ambient occlusion" and ambiguous slider controls with numerical inputs that have little relation to real life. We liked how Maxwell used photography settings. ...... in the end, there is no match for Enscapes speed and usability so we have abandoned all other software. We are now only interested in seeing Enscape get better and better

    I've forwarded your upvote of course.

    I add a vote for this feature. Our firm made the switch from Maxwell render (many hours per still image rendering) to Enscape (5 seconds per rendering). We are loving Enscape as it has changed our entire workflow. While we dont want to wait hours and hours for a rendering anymore, it would be no problem at all to wait say 5 or 10 minutes (instead of seconds) to get ultra high quality still images.

    Ive been having an issue with panoramas recently that I cant figure out. When I create still image renders on ultra resolution, the color/saturation of the textures are pretty close to the textures on screen in the sketchup model.

    When I export a hi-res panorama file, some of the textures are very noticeably oversaturated.

    See attached screenshot and look at the wood texture in the still image render vs the panorama output. Is this related to settings or is it a bug? Im having to "fake" the textures to make them look right in the panorama and then revert them back if Im taking a still render. Thanks!

    We are looking to purchase some ready made 3d people models that come in sketchup format that are of similar look/feel as the 3d people that come in the enscape asset library. Ive seen some decent ones on AXYZ Design and Human Alloy but wondering if you all have experience with any others that look good, come in sketchup format, and have a good variety? Thanks!

    Adding to this thread rather than start a new one because its applicable. I understand that you can go find a setting to share with others but it would VERY helpful if the sketchup model itself retained the last used setting in the native model itself. This way when someone else (another colleague etc) needs to open the model to work on it and produce new enscape renderings, they are have the setting preset loaded in already.

    In an architecture office (for example) several different people may need to jump in and out of the same model at various times to produce updated renderings etc. Constantly having to manage presets from 4 or 5 different peoples computers is a nightmare and results in renderings that arent consistent with earlier iterations.

    When looking at other plugins (Vray or Maxwell render for example). The current plugin settings for that model are retained and whoever opens up the model can open the plugin and hit render and get the same result as whomever originally did the scene setup.

    Please consider implementing something like this or tell me why its a bad idea. Thanks!

    ksf141 , I'm afraid, this is a known issue. In the meantime, you could maybe communicate with your clients beforehand that they should not currently use IE to view the panoramas until this issue has been resolved. I hope this won't be too much of a problem. I've also forwarded this topic to our developers again stating the further demand of a fix for this issue.


    Thanks for your response, wondering if there was any further movement on this topic. We continue to take advantage of the panorama feature but also continue to run into the issue of sending out panorama links to owners/clients and many business still use Internet Exlplorer as their default browser. As a work-around, we've had to download the panorama images and host them on a separate 3rd party panorama viewer website that plays well with internet explorer. Thanks for considering!

    The 3d textured people figures are a huge help when populating renderings. Simply need more quantity and more variety (casual vs business etc).

    We recently started using the panorama tool and they work beautifully when sending a link and opening in Chrome web browser but they open as a black screen in Internet Explorer. Is this a bug? or intentional? Are there other web browser compatibility issues? Frustrating because if we send a link to a client, we have no way of controlling what web browser they are using. Thanks in advance!