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    Is there a place where Enscape stores the presets for a project? For example, I had a preset on a previous project that I'd like to use as a base for my new project. Can I just browse to a folder somewhere to find that preset or do I generally always have to open up the previous project and manually save out that preset? For this example, it would be a Revit project.

    MatID and ObjID, as well as Multi-Matte ID and render object ID, work perfectly with glass/transparency in Vray. So now that you are combined with Chaos Group, can you see how they can get it to work. Glass in exteriors is probably the most selected thing object in any visualization. The individual objects behind the glass are easily the least important items to be able to select.

    Lumion can also do correct ID passes with glass. Fully functional render ID passes is the core of any arch viz rendering tool, so this is something that should be a priority. It seems like every feature you add, that's the version that is final and it's forgotten. You keep looking forward to new shiny things, but you are ending up with a software that is getting more and more half baked.

    I know comparing Enscape to other software is like playing "Keeping up with the neighbors" but the hard reality is that we constantly evaluate software against other competitors. If our team of visualizers have to manually select glass in post when using Enscape versus another software that provides an easily selectable ID for glass, it's a an easy decision as to which software to keep purchasing licenses for.

    Has this been added to Enscape or at least the roadmap? Ignoring glass for the ID channels is one of the biggest headscratchers I've encountered. Of all of the things you want to be able to quickly select in an exterior view, glass is probably number one. So why exclude it? At the very least can we get another ID pass of just the glass?

    It looks like this feature has been asked for a while now. I wouldn't mind if Enscape 3.4 was nothing but a large quality of software improvements update and no new features were added.

    I have a question about exporting assets created in 3ds Max. I've got a chair that is all set up with the standard Max material and exporting it using the FBX format. This imports extremely well into the Enscape asset editor, but it does not read the map in the "bump" slot of the standard max material. Is there a way to add this in so we don't have to manually select the normal map every time we import an asset?

    Sorry for the delay, but we haven't come up with a full solution just yet. If the user opens up the Revit template scene and opens up a view in there, it temporarily resets something and they are able to use Enscape in their actual Revit model. However, it appears that the issue keeps coming back and they have to use the temp solution.

    I'll work with them to submit feedback to you all with the feedback button.


    We have a user when they click on either the visual settings or general settings, they get the attached error. If they try to click on the visual settings again, it opens but they cannot adjust anything nor can they activate the Presets menu to attempt to reset the settings. This is only happening in a particular Revit file, I had them open up the basic Revit home template and this error didn't show up.

    Does Enscape save a per project preset somewhere and is there a way to manually reset that? Outside of this issue, Enscape does actually run on the project without issues. They just can't adjust anything, so I'm leaning towards the problem is somewhere in Enscape and not in Revit. I went through the logs and there wasn't anything out of order in there either. A few high res images for textures, but that shouldn't affect clicking on the visual settings button.

    We're commonly running into this look when users are exporting from Enscape, either video or images. It has been hard to replicate on my machine as it only seems to happen after a certain period of time or is completely random. In testing, I can confirm that we are not running on of RAM or VRAM and there is plenty of hard drive space. Temps are not overheating or anything like that and no warnings show up about missing assets. However, in my own testing I cannot replicate the file as I'm opening that file for the very first time on my computer.

    I have been able to narrow it down to it is generally on complex models and the model itself does have materials/textures applied. Though the error will happen in white model view as well. While going through the logs, this warning does seem to appear on the times the image has been corrupted.


    [warning] Job 'checkShadowmapsReady' has been in the queue for 30004ms, has been repeated now 4739 times and is probably stuck, it is removed from the queue.

    Interestingly enough, the main render image is the only one corrupted. The renderID, materialID, depth, are all rendering correctly. If it is related to shadowmaps, it does make sense as to why we get the disco effect. It almost looks like a bloom/glare is going nuclear. Which, if there are no shadowmaps, would probably be possible.

    Can anyone shed any light on this?

    The current fix is to have them close Revit, open up a simple scene and render out a white model view @ draft quality. Whatever this does, seems to reset Enscape for the actual file that is causing the issue.

    This may have been answered before, so apologies in advance. When exporting to a video in Enscape, where does it store the information before compiling the final video? Is it in the same path as the saved video?

    In general how does Enscape process video? Does it store images somewhere else, then compile into a video? Does it create the video incrementally? I'm curious as we have a few users experiencing odd errors, but I'm wondering if it is related to a size of the hard drive issue.

    Is there any reason why Enscape can't work over remote desktop? Vray GPU works. Twinmotion works. Lumion Works. Unreal 4 works. Vray Lavina works. Max works. Photoshop works. Enscape is the lone software holdout in our entire firm wide software set that can't work over RDP. So it seems to be less of a Windows/RDP issue and more directly related to Enscape.

    Even checking my GPU it shows that Revit itself is using the GPU hooked up to the RDP machine, but Enscape for is failing to see it. Since it seems like working from home is going to be a while, this should rocket to the top of your list.

    My current test environment is my desktop and laptop hooked into my local network, I'm not even trying to access another computer outside of my home office.

    While it would be beneficial to have Enscape in Max, there is a slight problem. That is until Enscape fully supports Vray/Corona materials or can read/translate them, it would be fairly unused in Max. We might as well just stick to the native app and Enscape such as Revit, SketchUp etc.

    A possible other reason for lack of Revit showcase projects is the material editor in Revit is on the far side of terrible. 99% of our revit+enscape use in the firm is simple gray/white model visuals.

    Thanks for forwarding this on! As a side note, it would be nice to have a hotkey or button to send you back to the start of the view. Let's face it, most of the older project managers that end up showing this to a client are not gamers and are not familiar with any keyboard navigation. While it is funny to watch them get stuck in a corner somewhere, it's not funny during a meeting.

    Is there a way to have multiple views in an Enscape exported program? We have a large model and would like to see if we can create multiple starting points. For example, if we're on the first floor we can select another view on the 8th floor without having to travel all the way up the building in walk through mode.