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    +1, reality is that Rhino3d is sort of the ugly duck here and (guess) has a lower priority vs the bigger companies ( Autodesk,Google, etc) , you can see it in the showcase page ( or won't see it), which is sort of fair in some ways I guess and financially wise for them, but if Enscape continues supporting Rhino, they should try bring all the platforms at the same level. This material UI and the lighting are some of the things that have been problematic since the start.

    Hi, very frustrating indeed, you can clearly see the showcase page is uniquely made of Sketchup model because of that, I have already raised this with Rhino on their forum, but they didn't get it either / offended, their new updated lighting would be cool if it was 2008, the question is if Enscape could add their own lighting system like it's done in Sketchup, otherwise Rhino's users will start migrate somewhere else. The new pbr material is one thing, but as with any software, materials are always easier to manage vs lighting, there it no two way with lighting, it works or not.

    Enscape lighting wouldn't need update and would always work, I think everyone is a bit tired of creating 10x1m square light to create ~9.5m of continuous lighting.. and hope he doesn't flicker when recording a video..

    Demian Gutberlet any luck? is that a Rhino3d api problem?


    Any chance to have to have a very nice dev scripting a converter / exporter, that would allow Enscape to enter the VFX world.. after effect to xml? I had a look on webgl camera path export etc.. but very complicated

    An alternative way would be to accept transparent video (.mov), then up to the user to create their own video ( no need of transparent channel) but that might not change the technical difficulty for the devs here.

    New_learning , yes a bit of pain, I only tried it once, but VD ( I also had to reload the patch from sidequest 2 or 3 times, need to make sure that VD has additional options in settings) seems to want to you go through the vive port, I had to try to go back to the desktop and click inside the enscape window, I will try again. Regarding wifi, this was done on the most random wifi router from our internet provider. I will try to record via OQ2

    Just tired the Quest 2 wireless with virtual desktop and it works perfectly, the remote aren't the right one, but everything works, it's really good, with the right wifi router, you can probably walk around in a very large building / area

    Fbx is proprietary and the guys at enscape would prefer to keep their own file too, what would be the easiest is a script to export after effect camera tracking like the AE3D_Export.jsx that exist for 3dsmax or even the…mations-with-blender.html enscape to blender.

    So after effects to an Enscape xml, then composition will be easy, even if we have render alphas etc to key in the real and virtual.. unfortunately I am not a dev..

    Anyway after effects script from Enscape would be great, it would open another dimension to their software whitout affecting the core os. Cheers

    What would be great at first, is to stream it from a pc, Vridge from rifcat already works with enscape on standard wifi. The oculus quest is basically a phone ( even have one screen to cover both eyes) so even the best flagship phone nowadays aren't able to render / display this level of realtime webgl without the whole baking thing, not yet at least, so streaming the experience would be ideal, this would be something to push for.

    Hello, png textures aren't working correctly, I am not sure if it's Rhino not supporting them well, but I have tried different version of png (8 or 24) and also Tiff, Tiff seems better, but the main problem is that the image is taken as a transparency data, and there is no colours saved.

    Any luck on that? this might comes important with the animated texture in November as a lot of users will want transparency too


    Thanks Pete Chamberlain I understand, you guys cannot do much on that side, it's a Rhino feature that should be here already. The Rhino team were surprised I asked this question on their forum... One hope would be a developer creating a script for Rhino to support IES but I haven't found any yet. Among things, It definitely shows on the showcase page, Rhino users are few and far.. hopefully it will come in time

    Hi, random, but there is no native IES lights in Rhino 6 ( only Vray or other rendering engine), I have asked on the Rhino7 wip forum and this won't be supported in 7.. they have added a better attenuation for the lighting, but no ies.. very weird... as mentioned above lighting in sketchup is way better .. so that's a problem going forward.. especially for lighting consultants and obviously architects.

    A way around I found is adding two lights with different angle but far to be as nice... it would be great if there is some progress made on that somewhere, not sure if Enscape as any weight to ask Rhino3d..?


    Yep, just open a file at home now and realized all the above problems, Rhino materials textures can be easily re-linked, but the enscape ones are all empty..

    Quick hack is to copy all textures to the file folder, not something I like but it seems to work.. obviously that's easy if all the textures were previously in one folder..

    so + 1 vote for me for a re-assigning textures button