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    Hi, I think tas_1985 is right, this is the big next step for enscape, we are dying here to have anything animated, really hard to face a client saying no we cannot animate anything or after effect'ing / green screen the whole animation to integrate videos textures etc.., the rest of the other demands ( material editors, VR stuff, etc) are valid but animation is really the key point. Any precise udpate on that would be great, or at least some work around, camera path export ( fbx) to use some other softwares to counter this problem in the meantime for example.. sorry but really need this now for most of our projects..


    Hi, talking about texture and instead of creating a new post, I have problem here where I used to create my own background ( no skybox) the 4096x512px png and just put it in the enscape folder, I have reopened some files from this summer and now I cannot select those bespoke images.. I have the 2.6.1 preview.2+11727

    This was a major thing for us here in the office, is that the preview version or that's now not possible to add our own images ( we cannot find / or have time to create the perfect skybox.. so this system of modifying an existing one was great..)


    Hello, Enscape has greatly improved and very happy with the result, I know there is a lot of other areas where the Enscape team is working, but this topic has probably had the most replies from all the others. Would there be any update/preview on a potential workaround to have a moving texture ? or a enscape material with gif accepted, mindless of GI, bouncing etc it all could be off, but at least we would have something to work with?


    benjaminriendeau thanks, but I am working with Rhino, so it wouldn't work I think, I was hoping that this new material could be an easy workaround for the dev team.

    Maybe in the next preview release? Just really need something from enscape Demian Gutberlet to keep using it on our project for the coming year.


    Last jab at it, I am litteraly working on a project that has a 20m long digital wall and was playing with the water material, turns out you can replace the water coustic png in the enscape folder and have any image animated like the water coustic is at the moment. It's controlled by a material shade but has a pattern of movement that repeats ( xyz + rotation etc).

    So it wouldn't need much to have one png being moved laterally on any surface, no animated movie frames but a " banner" could repeat ( advertisment type) , controlled exactly like water, intensity could be top or right direction moving etc ( like a bus banner)..

    Only problem is that coustic only shows up on horizontal surfaces for now ( but I imagine that's purposedly coded for water)

    So just a new material basically with a static image moving onto a surface, if this could be added that would be really a massive step for all of us.

    Anyway, again thanks for the listening and hard work.


    Hi, enscape is great and will definitly need animation in a close future if it wants to survive the like of UE4, Lumion etc ( besides the possible being bought out by one of those company) animation is a massive tasks and will definitly take a while before being implemented. Any commercial architecture / interior /exterior project has more and more digital interface, experience etc.. so screen animation is a must even if minimal, again lots of work for the Dev team, we know now it won't be in 2.6.

    question: when do they think it's possible to have a partial feature like gif/mp4 texture added or would they wait the full animated version with people walking etc.. Could Demian Gutberlet answer this roughly, so we know where to stand.



    Hello, thinking of it and seeing all the posts, this is a priority for a lot of people, even if limited / simple / with bugs, it could also give the Enscape Dev team more time to develop the rest.

    Thanks for the hardwork anyway!

    Mine too please, I understand the difficulty but any sort of animated texture ( gif, mp4 etc) would be the next step for Enscape, as mentioned in earlier posts, that really is the limit everybody is reaching, as clients after seeing the smoothest flythrough will automatically ask why this and this are not animated..



    I was so happy to see the material editor beind added to rhino, but it doesn't seems to work yet, I guess that's because it's the preview / wip? I cannot select any materials ( textured or not) when opening the material editor.

    Anyway looking forward to this addition, that will definitly push the quality in Rhino, thanks for the work!

    Hi Demian Gutberlet , thanks for the message, as you mentioned lights are already good, but materials is sort of a priority, Rhino's materials are headache to setup.. and sometimes mapping will change when you re-open a file etc.. I was saying this as when trying enscape in sketchup, the additional setting tab for material is what makes the difference between okay and great, the showcase section shows a lot of sketchup work.. not so much of rhino.. how about as a christmas gift ? :)

    Anyway thanks again for all the work!


    big thanks for all the works of the Dev, great plugin again, can't live whitout it now..

    I have been working on a lot of projects and very happy with the speed, ease of work and the VR aspect of it..

    It wasn't a problem before, but it now starts to bring some difficulties, materials and ligthing aren't great to use and after using sketchup, I was wondering when the enscape object and materials tab would come to Rhino?

    This would probably annihilate any other rendering competitors, and will definitly convince people in the office to make a switch...

    Again thanks for all the work anyway ! :thumbsup: