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    Thanks Demian for the upvote!

    Yep used the different grass height in the test images ( hence the different patches on the stacked planes on the left)

    It would be great if this could be added to a dedicated feature as I have the feeling Rhino isn't the best suited textures setting wise.

    Ideally we would have 2 slots : one for transparency and one for height (bump map as Gadget rightly mentioned), but that's obviously a complicated thing..

    Could environment be used for the height and transparency as what it should be for transparency? So we could both controlled height and areas

    Obviously I understand how complicated all those things are to implement.. anyway again thanks for all the listening for the feedback!

    That would be ideal! but I guess it's okay for now if there is more urgent dev priorities


    Also random question, I was trying something in Rhino with the grass element, I think it's probably more a Rhino material thing, but I thought maybe I could use different layer maps transparency to have different grass height at different areas, it sorts of work, but flicker during animation and not really working as I guess the grass is applied onto a surface and not through a texture map, I also imagine that there is something in the work for the grass height, type etc.. but just in case, this would be quite useful if somehow the grass was reacting to transparency maps.

    Anyway Thanks for the rest again.


    I used to amend the existing images in the C:\Program Files\Enscape\SystemData\Textures\Horizons but with the latest update, the images aren't showing up now in the settings.. I cannot chose any others than the standard ones..

    I imagine there is something in the pipeline, but this was super usefull instead of finding the right skybox

    Let me know


    I think besides the preview version, I thought when reading the documentation that wild grass will be quite high and not homogeneous ( similar to this), but it's the type of grass strand / leaf that changes, which is great too, it's might be just the wording that's a tiny bit misleading.

    Anyway great to have many options for grass!


    Working in Rhino with, I have been checking a lot but cannot seem to have the 3 different type of grasses, wild, tall etc..

    Even check the enscape folder, there is only one grass texture for that.. Any help?

    Many thanks

    Hi Demian,

    thanks, that's great for the request!

    I thought this was a Rhino thread :), I am using Rhino, I have just tried the RPC with a "handmade" rpc model, it showed in the classic Rhino render but not in enscape but don't worry about that.

    I am aware that it's almost a Rhino problem for the gif texture, but just thought if there was way around by allowing any gif texture to "play"... but I am not a developer !

    Anyway great work again on the plugin, have changed radically the way I work!


    Hi, thanks, I think mainly for video display within a scene, giving it a bit of extra life, but could also imagine some other things : signage, even a sort of RPC / person being slightly animated, birds passing by, trees animated in far background etc... actually a tone of stuff could be "faked" and would give a bit of feel inside an architectural project without going into the full on animated objects.

    Actually tried to add an RPC inside a video, but it didn't render.. I will check that again



    I was wondering if as a first step we could use an animated gif as a texture? I understand the whole animation thing is complicated in Rhino but texture is " probably" slightly easier to use? Bongo has already this but doesn't work with Enscape


    Hi guys, amazing plugin, bought two license, we are working on Rhino, bought two licenses, but the support material page has disappeared? Any update on that?