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Reminder: If you encounter any issues with Enscape (including installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed here. Thank you for your understanding.

    I'm sure the webdev team has plenty to work on already, but one of the things I always find frustrating with the site, it that the Download (previous versions) page is hidden. Would it be possible to just put the link to the download archive page in the footer of the landing page? Unless I am missing something....

    Thanks for the helpful resource links Demian Gutberlet !

    Expanding on the folder location further, as Enscape continues to expand the location of where settings and libraries are saved. perhaps it makes sense from the user-perspective to wrap all of those folder path settings into one portion of the Enscape settings tool. Right now, you would have to load several different parts of the Enscape UI to modify each of those separate folder paths (ie custom asset library folder, enscape material folder, camera presets, etc). Just a thought! Cheers,.

    Yup...same problem for me. Tested in Revit 2019 through 2021 with Enscape 3.1. Workaround is obviously to just to off live updates, make the change in Revit, then switch the live updates back on. Super annoying though - hopefully this gets fixed in an update.

    As a smaller AEC firm with a pretty broad project portfolio, we have decided to make an investment in developing a "standard" library of Revit materials that are built-in to our Revit project template file.

    With the Enscape 3.1 Material Library, we are most likely going to just swap out the Appearance properties for our Revit materials with the Enscape materials that we like, and roll from there. In other words, the Enscape assets will come pre-loaded in our project template, with no need to go into the Enscape material library (unless you are adding a new material that is not already in the Revit material library).

    What I wish is that Enscape included an option to disable the Enscape Material Library and/or make the Enscape Assets available online on the website so BIM managers can simply just download the appearance assets they want to use, avoiding the need entirely to try and manage *another* material library folder on the network.

    I was so desperate for a Southern Live Oak I actually dove head first into the Custom Asset Editor in Enscape 3.0 and made one myself. I will say it is not a process for the faint of heart, involving pushing the original download from Turbosquid through Blender to get an acceptable polycount (still busting through the recommended 20k polycount recommendation) and the right output format before bringing it finally into Enscape. The results aren't bad, but they aren't great either and it would be super awesome to see what magic the in-house Enscape asset artists are able to cook-up!

    Agree that it would be nice to "paint" materials in the render window. HOWEVER, as I mention below in the Revit versions I am concerned that such a feature would unintentionally override materials that have been used as part of the documentation drawings for the project. Unless there is a workflow that avoids this potentioal conflict that I am missing?

    great work, and I continue to be impressed with the rapid pace of development and new feature, so thanks! However,,,,

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE....add a setting to disable the Enscape Material Editor inside of the Revit version. We rely on a custom-built library of Revit materials to document our projects, and the concern now is that our designers are going to randomly start importing the Enscape materials and override the carefully curated selection of finishes we include in our template just to get the right look in their renderings. Alternately, do you have a suggested workflow to allow us to maintain our current carefully curated Revit Material Library while at the same time incorporating the custom Enscape materials?

    At the very least, please consider adding additional notes to indicate inside the Revit material library which materials are coming in from Enscape so that we can isolate and remove them if we start running into issues.

    (As I am sure you are aware, the built-in Revit Material library is already a mess, and Autodesk has neglected to do anything to help it's customers manage it for quite some time. Unfortunately I am afraid that with this release of Enscape 3.1, anyone trying to keep an organized project material library's life has just become that much more difficult...)

    Pete Chamberlain

    Enscape renders geometry. Point clouds are not geometry. You'll have to triangulate the point clouds first and map with photogrammetry.

    Thanks for sharing, Phil. The second part of your post would require bringing the rcs file into Blender or Rhino to triangulate, correct?

    That is not yet possible - It's a demanded feature request on our agenda to which I've gladly added your upvote, but due to performance and technical reasons point clouds are not yet supported, but may very well be in future. :)

    Thanks Demian, as always, for your thoughtful replies. I have browsed through a few posts regarding point clouds and Enscape this morning, and I am getting the sense there may be an opportunity for a blog post or message of some kind explaining what the challenges of developing a rendering capability in Enscape are (starting with the fact that the emphasis is on the "Clouds" part of "Point Cloud" equation and the reality that at the end of the day a point cloud is nothing but a dense collection of points with an rgb value assigned to them which has all kinds of implications in terms of creating a ray-traced rendering). I'd be happy to team up and do a guest post on the topic if you like, just reach out! Cheers!

    Enscape renders geometry, lighting, materials, etc. Point clouds don't have any of

    Fair point! Although I am sure someone also once said that the moon doesn't have an oxygen rich atmosphere, easily accessible sources of water or even an obvious reason for humans to visit, and yet humans did. Anything is possible, just a matter of how much you want to put into accomplishing it and it sounds to me like the Enscape devs have higher priorities at the moment than landing a human on the moon. lol

    Thank you all for the additional asset wishes and feature requests alongside! They'll all be forwarded and filed accordingly. :)

    jure , which kind of trees would you like to see implemented into Enscape in addition to the already available ones? Are you perchance not completely satisfied with the way our trees look? Thanks a lot in advance for your feedback!

    snowyweston , which kind of vehicles would you like to see in our asset library exactly? :)

    The Enscape trees are a MASTERPIECE! However we are desperate for the addition of a SOUTHERN LIVE OAK tree for the majority of the projects in the Southern United States use this tree species. If you have seen a movie or postcard from this part of the world, you know these trees are a big part of the landscape here. (And if I could have a second one, of course that would be the Bald Cypress. These trees are also very unique and feature "knees" that grow up from the ground naturally - and no one knows what their purpose is scientifically, it's a mystery!)

    Enscape trees are beautiful! However in the Southern Part of the United States, it is common to see SOUTHERN LIVE OAK trees. Unfortunately these trees are missing from the Enscape library and creating a tree asset with the Custom Asset Editor is very difficult (managing the texture maps, keeping the poly count low, etc). Would it be possible to have the master craftsfolk on the Enscape content team create another masterpiece Southern Live Oak? I have attached a picture of one of the beautiful Southern Live Oak trees here in New Orleans. LA.

    Hi Sh3ny8nG

    Thank you for the suggestion!

    I have forwarded it to our 3D artists for consideration :thumbup:

    Rick Marx

    Didn't realize there is an existing forum post on Live Southern Oaks - is it possible to combine these? Don't want to spam the forum and miss out on the conversation.