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    Currently, when you cut a section in SU, Enscape renders the scene properly from a geometry standpoint, but shadows act as if all the cut geometry was still present. All renders, then, are completely dark on the interior. This basically makes the section tool completely useless in Enscape. The whole point of cutting a section is to see the interior of whats being cut, and it applies to vertical and horizontal section cuts. The only way to get around this is to fill the interior with lights or create the geometry in a way that the section cut actually turns geometry off - in complex models this is almost impossible. Filing it with lights produces an effect that 1) isn't really the look i'm going for, and 2) takes more time to set up when just having the cut geometry NOT cast shadows would solve everything. If some people like the way things currently work, then please implement a toggle switch to allow us to change the way things are rendered. I love literally everything about Enscape otherwise, but the way section cuts work is absolutely infuriating.

    I've asked for this for a while - don't understand why shadows don't show up in section. If you cant see inside the section cut, what's the point of cutting a section? I've had to work around this by dropping a bunch of lights inside the spaces to illuminate the interior, but it would be very useful if shadows penetrated past the section plane.