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    Hey Pixero , which CAD software are you using? Further, how do you imagine this masking texture import to function, through a dedicated separate material editor, like the one provided for SketchUp, or through the main CAD software itself?

    Any further feedback or suggestions regarding this feature request would be appreciated. ;)

    I'm using SketchUp.

    As one example of how it could be used I have attached a small image of a ceiling with spotlights.

    I imaging you would just add it like you add a bumpmap or other map.

    I think it would be great if it was possible to reduce the size of the camera and camera path. Or even make them more transparent.
    For interior animation they often obscures the view which makes it harder to compose the view.

    What do you mean with “from our shipped library”?

    Having a Vertex animated shader would mean we could have animated leaves on all our own plants. Not only on what you decide to ship.

    Could you implement animated vertex leaf shader?

    I don't know what you use for materials but in Unity its a very simple shader: