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    Thanks Demian
    Important information
    A query:
    Pardon my ignorance
    1- Is there a post where I explain how to write directly ?, that is read continuously, without those Spoiler or Code windows
    2- Is there a post where I explain how to share images? sometimes directly it doesn't work
    thanks for your support

    Hi everyone

    I have not read all the publications about the asset library.

    but in general, like me, I observe that it is somewhat complicated with internet services

    I will not detail the parameters or similarities that I find in the post, we already know what they are

    My idea in this case, if possible, is to think about preparing an asset library package that can be managed directly from our machines

    ... or at least one option

    ... in this case, I forgot about the library, I forgot about the Internet ... little by little I have been assembling the asset library in an external folder

    ...and so far the results are as expected

    I can see the model, select, insert in sketchup and I do not worry about having or not problems with server or internet

    ...whether or not I am in areas of good or bad coverage

    In February I understand that we will have 2.7, if this pleases ... it would be a good idea to implement this option

    Greetings to all

    HI Demian

    Thanks for answering

    I fully understand the reason for the language, it is obvious;)

    about having language pack in previous versions

    I understand that depending on the characteristics of some machines

    ... the updated versions of Enscape ... work correctly ... but it costs a lot to move it, everything becomes slow

    especially when you don't have an adequate video card ... it's a matter of not complying with the basic requirements

    and in other cases it is a working thread ... there are those who prefer to work with an earlier version

    In my case, the video card does not respond, I had already announced via support, at the launch of 2.6 and I am forced to use the previous version

    but neither way, that's just a particular case:(;)

    Finally, like me, many users of this excellent engine would like the Spanish language, we could understand even more the richness of the commands and the versatility of Enscape

    a big hug and thanks for your attention8)8)

    ...sorry for my English

    hello, I hope you are well
    I understand that the language pack for Enscape is on the agenda, according to request and vote
    I understand that for the new version of February, Enscape 2.7, it contains the German language

    ... I imagine it is because of the company's decision and commercial reasons, which is respected and understood
    ... but I wonder ... what about the other languages?

    ... according to statistics the first 3 most spoken languages in the world, (which refer users and new users for Enscape) are Chinese, Spanish and English

    ... where we could also include among the 10 most spoken: Portuguese, Arabic, Russian , Japanese ... among others

    Remember ... Enscape is an excellent, large engine that competes without fear, with any existing render engine

    ... do not forget us ... I would like to see a language pack in the new version ... even that can be used in previous versions

    Thanks for your attention
    Arq.Pedro Rojas