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    This is quite an unsettling news to come across just before going to bed. Hoping I don't have a nightmare.

    Enscape, since I came across it 3 years ago, has been on the right track:

    • Real-time visulization speed
    • Uncluttered interface
    • Cross platform (Sketchup,Revit,ArchiCAD,Rhino,Vectorworks) workflow similarity
    • Intuitive components placement, Version 3.2 (which I thought was setting the foundation for having animated components/characters and transitioning same within the Enscpae window)
    • Extremely fast render-time

    And I thought, in due time, more and more strong feature requests will keep being implemented.

    But this ""merger"", at this moment, when I assume there is a ongoing mass exodus of AEC professionals from Chaos products to Enscape, brings in a lot of uncertainty to the already established fast-paced and responsive software development I have experienced with Enscape (while keeping it very easy to use).

    I see Enscape as the PRIZE here and not Chaos (with all due respect for what we achieved with Chaos before Enscape came around). I will try to stay away from assumptions right now as to why this merger may have taken place.

    But for all my rant, please Enscape, always know: You were the PRIZE !!!

    This just popped up in my YT time line

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    It answers all my questions and solves a lot of the problems I was experiencing


    Minh, always on point... :thumbup:

    Please is there a proper tutorial on how to use each of the sphere, spot, line, rectangle and disk enscape light objects in sketchup? And also explaining how to control each at daytime and night time? Thanks