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    I am trying to add specular maps to materials in rhino 6 but can't figure out how to do it or if it is even possible in the current version of enscape for rhino. I'm using the rhino renderer for materials and in custom materials there are slots for color, transparency, bump, and environment, but not specular. Do you know where I can find a slot to add a specular bitmap that works in enscape for rhino?

    I am trying to create a sheer curtain material in Enscape (version for Rhino 6 and unable to achieve the results I'm hoping for. See the image from my test file below for where its currently at, the color of the curtain in each instace is solid white. Adjusting the transparency over 5% causes any material to turn a weird translucent grey (right curtain) so I used a solid grey color transparency mask which seems to have a different and better effect (middle curtain). Adding "leaf" to the material name also helps (left curtain) but it still doesn't allow light to pass through the material and cast shadows on the floor. Do you have any suggestions on how to get light to pass though this material?

    Sorry for the late reply. This is still an ongoing issue and seems to be tied to the keyboard. While it doesn't seem to be a stuck key (the camera will randomly start cycling though time of day and/or panning in one direction when I'm not using the keyboard) tapping the WASD keys or UI keys will stop it. I don't think we have any positioning hotkey helpers installed and I will use the feedback button the next time this happens. Thanks!

    Is it possible to use box mapping in rhino with enscape in order to give materials real dimensions? Currently it looks like enscape ignores WCS and WCS Box mapping and references the default mapping channel. Using enscape version with Rhino 6.

    The enscape camera will seemingly at random start flying away in a set direction and I am not able to stop it from moving. It is as if the arrow key is stuck on my keyboard however this is occurring on multiple computers at our office and across the 3 platforms we use (Rhino, Sketchup, and Revit). In some instances tapping the spacebar to lock the camera at spectator height will stop the camera from continuing to move but it will start moving in the set direction again once you orbit off the ground. In addition, the time of day will seemingly at random start changing as if I'm holding down the "i" or "u" key and can't be stopped without closing the program. This is happening at least 5 times a day. I first noticed it on release and we're still having this problem in version Since this issue seems to happen at random my main concern is that we cannot confidently use enscape for client presentations until this is resolved.