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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    Chiming in - same problem. Located in USA. Enscape should absolutely maintain a cache of the assets on the local machine, and it needs a more graceful failure mode if the server ping times out.

    I have experienced the same issue (sun settings not saved with "create view") - was very disappointed after saving a dozen views with adjusted lighting! I wonder if the age of the file could be a factor (started in I think 2015, then upgraded to 2016 and recently to 2018)

    Is there a private way to share the file for testing? Project is confidential

    Just want to add that the very useful "export screenshots of all your favorite locations" really needs this feature -- "create view" should save sun settings (optionally ALL view settings) and then export screenshots will be the perfect batch render tool.