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    There seems to be a limitation concerning the GPU Enscape uses.

    In a case where multiple GPUs are installed. Enscape seems to be unable to be related to a different GPU. other that what Archicad uses.

    That means that in case of a full detail settings for both Archicad and ENSCAPE , there might be glitches because of using only one GPU for both Archicad 3d Display and Enscape.

    These are more often when the views are synchronized.

    Via the Nvidia settings,even when you set custom a profile for Enscape, Enscape is still binded to Archicad's GPU.

    This probably related to the core of Enscape.

    What are the chances for this to be resolved. I am sure this step is also leading a multi GPU functionality but for the moment an independent GPU just for Enscape will make workflow better.


    Thank you for your comments.

    From my point of view the most important feature missing is the rendering indegration in the Archicad workflow (internal rendering)

    Octane (which we are using alot.........before Enscape kicks in) is a n internal rendering with a serious disadvantage:

    When the geometry changes the whole model has to be updated which means you have to wait several minutes before you start again working.

    This is the basic advantage of Enscape (not mentioning the walkthrough export, panorama etc).

    That is why I am reffering to Enscape as an architectural tool.

    If we can created linked exports to archicad projects via an internal renderer and imporve the wuality by multi GPU this will seperate Enscape from all other products.

    Enscape should not be considered just a rendering tool but an architectural tool that should be intergrated in the architectural workflow.

    I do not know how it works in Revit but in Archicad all the above (and probably more) are essential to optimize how Archicad can cooperate with Enscape flawlessly.

    So I am clarifing.

    For the moment Enscape functions as an external rendering engine.

    It is not intergrated like Cinerender or Maxwell or Octane.

    That means that the rendering result cannot be saved and updated internally in archicad. It is exported directly from Enscape.

    I am referring to the "PhotoRendering Settings" of Archicad.

    I am not talking about replacing any window.

    If you have worked with Octane or Maxwell you know exactly what I mean.

    Even Artlantis or Lumion, or Twinmotion are for the moment external rendering engines.

    Octane and Maxwell are internal and external at the same time .You can render through Archicad or export a photo via the addon.

    Both octane and maxwell have material libraries with otpimized material (with displacement for example.)

    There are several things that can be imrpoved and optimize the workflow of Enscape.

    If you manage to integrate the following capabilities at the software you will manage to surpass all other kind of 3d software related to presentation for Archicad users.

    1. Intergrate the Enscape renderer to the Archicad rendering options. With this we are able to produce pictures that are updated within the archicad workflow and not externaly. At the moment the rendering is independent to archicad. I believe this is a basic priority.

    2. Being able to choose materials on the Enscape window (like Octane) with a pickup arrow.

    3.When you choose an element the materials editor should have a seperate window with the materials of the element filtered making the editing a lot faster instead of searching the complete list. Also the material editor should not put archicad in pause state.

    4.Being able to use more than one GPUs. This will explode the visual performance and capabilities.

    5. I believe in the future (hope recent) not just objects assets but also a material library will be added.

    6. For the objects we have to able to change size, materials and all the rotation axis. Sometimes the assets are useless because the can be placed properly on a inclined surface.

    7. Being able to save internally the video paths and not need to export them to reload it later. A catalogue of the set paths it would be usefull. I believe a future reforming of the video editor will be close to what other software alredy have with a "montage" capability of scenes, effects etc.

    That's all for the moment.

    Thank you for your support.

    I 've been thinking also about rendering the 3d window in real time instead of having the opengl but for editing the objects in the 3d while rendered this indeed looks something pushed to far as we have to be able also to select objects and edit them!

    Concerning the material editor to be honest the last two years I've never used Cinerender again. We are using Octane like Gavin so the idea of having an independent option for material setting for Enscape looks more practical. If this is going to be optionally in connection with the opengl settings this will make the Archicad 3d Window (which is Opengl) and the Enscape rendered window look more "similar" in matter of appearancem, while having a similar material editor interface.

    For sure normal, bump, displacement, and secular are necessary with the relevant options for picture import.

    Thank you.

    I believe some of the competitors for Enscape is Lumion-Twinmotion and Octane.

    The greatest advantage of Enscape is the Livesync with the VR (we have Vive) platform and Archicad. Lumion has only panorama as 3d and Twinmotion is not livesynced.

    Also the rendering seems more realistic with Enscape because it looks like it uses raytracing while Lumion and Twinmotion looks fake and a bit cartoonish.

    Octane has a far more advanced rendering core and texture control but needs a lot of power, it is not livesynced with Archicad, so you have to update at each change the whole model which takes time,

    and it is not VR at this stage (only panorama pictures).

    So, Enscape seems at this point seems the best in matters of Architectural workflow. It suits perfectly with the design stages, it is fast, simple and with a good quality of rendering and the most important thing is that it does not create laging with the creation process. You design, you see right away .This is perfect for a designer.

    As an archicad user, the most important thing is the texture editing (bump,displacement, normal etc), the light controls with the ability to have different light textures or ies data, and the improvement of rendering. So far with just a TITAN X (Pascal) and about 2.500.000 polygons (a lot of 3d object imported) things work not so fast. There seems to be a certain lagging.

    I have another TITAN X that would have been used if Enscape was Multi GPU.

    I am really waiting for an upgrade.

    Keep up the good work.

    If Ensape is unable to process the materials in different channels for Archicad, then we are missing half of the realism.

    It is absolutely necessary to have a material editor.

    Then for sure a multiGPU machine will be necessary also

    I believe this is related to the main core of Enscape but it will be a totally different approach to be able to use a multi gpu rendering calculation.

    With this option the quality of the rendering can be improved tremendously.

    How do we activate the lights in Archicad during the night.

    Is there an option for bump files?

    Thank you