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    I see there was a thread about this dating back to last June, but as it's a year later and it seems like there still hasn't been much progress, I would like to upvote the need for more diverse people in the Asset Library. Looking at the thread from last June, Enscape said they were adding more diverse people and at the time, the most recent update brought the number of people to choose from up to 304. It's been a year, and that number (version 3.0.1) is now 361, but it still seems like the proportion of white people to other ethnicities is something around 85% to 15% and that just isn't cutting it. Multiple clients have commented on the lack of diversity, especially when we work on projects where we know how the population skews, but we just aren't able to reflect that in our work. It's disheartening when working in Enscape and trying to keep diversity in mind when placing assets, that I know I'm using the same few people over and over again to show I'm hearing my clients (the options being a few black people and one person in a hijab), but still coming up short due to the boundaries of the software. Add to that the specificity of working in K-12 education, sports, or healthcare environments, and the number dwindles even further.

    I know the Asset Library is an awesome resource and I'm thankful it gets regularly updated, but I just want to reiterate the importance of this factor.