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    We are mainly using Enscape with Revit but would love to have a more direct pathway from Blender to the Enscape Asset creator. I know you can export out .obj files and then open Revit and launch the asset creator that way, but having a more direct interface would cut down on allot of trial and error.

    Yes that is my usual workflow. However, I often don't see the random pipes or ducts from our linked in MEP models until I am walking around in Enscape. It would be quicker to be able to just click and hide them as I find them in Enscape. Plus now that Enscape reloads geometry every time you switch to a saved you you have to make sure that you hide the same items over again in each saved view.

    I work with allot of spaces in Revit with "exposed" ceilings. Which means we render a fair amount of ductwork and pipes from our linked in MEP models. Some of these we want to see and others we do not. Simply turning off a "pipe" category in the linked in model, will not work for us. Prior to 3.0 we would set up a "Starting View" and then go through the MEP model and hide elements that we did not want to see in the walkthroughs. Due to Autodesk's limitations you cannot add elements from a linked in model to a selection filter, so you do have to hide elements from a linked in model individually within a visible category. Then these items would remain hidden when you went to any other saved camera position. Now, since Enscape updates the geometry every time you switch to a saved view I'm stuck having to hide the same geometry over and over again for each of the saved views. Having a check box to not have Enscape update the geometry would be preferable. I would also, if possible, love the ability to select and hide elements live in the live rendered Enscape walkthrough and have that get saved back to the view in Revit.

    Would their be any way to have Escape auto generate assets from the the rendered solutions that it creates from Revit? i.e. You could click on a Revit family item in Enscape walkthrough using BIM mode and export that out as an Enscape asset.

    I do allot of commercial office spaces with kitchenettes and residential spaces in Revit. I would love to have a variety of small and large appliance assets. Our current families are built mainly for scheduling and plan representation so they render out pretty chunky. Being able to link a good rendering solution would be amazing.

    Refrigerators (Various Types)


    Air Fryers

    Non-Espresso Coffee Machines





    Toaster Ovens

    Vending Machines

    Also, the recent addition of gym equipment & spots people assets has been a god-send for our recent workout facility renderings. Thank you very much for those.

    I'd like to have the ability to have the rendering window's aspect ratio be locked to the aspect ratio of the Resolution set in the Capture tab. This could be a check box on Capture tab. This would help in framing out the view in the rendering window so that the captured "rendered view" would match the extents of what you see in the live rendering window.

    We would like to suggest a slider to control the transparency of RPC objects by category (i.e. automobiles, people, trees). Also, some dropdown boxes to replace RPC materials with solid white or solid black materials. Ideally the transparency slider would effect the white, or black materials as well.

    This would basically be the ability to do "ghost" people and trees. It would be such a huge help. I know to some it is a dated look but we still have clients/ principals that ask for it.

    With the floating license we use Enscape allot between multiple users and then ultimately in a conference room. We often tweak the settings file to get the look that we want but then need to constantly copy the .xml files back and fourth between the various machines. Having the ability to add a networked pathway would be ideal so that the settings could more easily be updated across multiple machines.

    I'd like the ability to toggle whether Enscape replaces RPC content based on category. Right now it replaces people and trees and does not replace automobiles. I think separate boxes for people and trees would be helpful. The Enscape replacements for people seem pretty thin (for now).

    Thank you. Sounds good.

    Loading Screen

    Select a file (png, jpg, tga) to be used as a background in the Enscape loading screen, see example.

    The recommended resolution is connected to your current screen resolution and aspect ratio.

    If you have a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, we’ll recommend the same resolution for the used file.

    Has anyone had success using Enscape on a Microsoft Surface Pro. We have a few Surface Pro 4's in the office with Core i7 chips that a few managers use. They have had no issues running and viewing some pretty complex Revit models. However, every time we launch Enscape out of Revit we get a fatal error and Revit crashes. We also get error messages when trying to launch any exported standalone .exe files from Enscape. These files have been as small as 45MB and still will not launch. It doesn't feel like a horsepower problem to me. Any suggestions?