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    Thanks for the response Clemens Musterle - great tool I have now become familiar with which I was unaware of.

    Unfortunately the background image is just as poor - if not worse - with the use of a skybox as opposed to a modelled element.

    Similar to 3DMake looks like this is what we are working with.

    Thanks again

    Hi All

    I am looking for some assistance with quality / compression issues I am having with a background photo for a panorama I am working on.

    See attached a screenshot of 2 images. The photo being used as a background is on the left and the result from Enscape is on the right.

    To view the background in the Revit scene I have attached the photo to a cylindrical object outside the building.

    I would expect some loss in quality due to compression etc but the quality of this result is extremely poor.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.