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    I'm now having issues as well. Never did before, but now whenever I try to add or edit a light source, it becomes unresponsive. Even checking for updates for Enscape (which says I'm up-to-date) causes freezing and "Not Responding". I haven't used Enscape for a number of months and I'm suspecting an update is causing these new issues? My model is purged, relatively small, and I've copy/pasted into a different SketchUp file to rule out any corruption.

    Not sure how this is possible, but the exact same thing happened on my previous work computer. They purchased me a new laptop and set up, and now the same type of thing is happening. In both cases, I began getting errors in Enscape, while rendering/saving a view. It came about previously after using the computer for a year or more, though I did regularly update Enscape. Once Enscape starting crashing, my SketchUp wouldn't even start up without a Bugsplat. Now, new laptop, just started a project and got an Error Code: 7 and TDR upon render. Closed that dialog box and got NVIDIA OpenGL Driver Error Code: 3. A third pop-up says Enscape is using the GPU from NVIDIA and gave options to ignore, close, switch graphics cards, download GPU drivers...

    And, like before, now my SketchUp won't start anymore. Straight to BugSplat.