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    I would recommend changing the categories of the asset library objects from "planting" to "furniture"
    (except the actual planting :P)

    On the one hand, Enscape furniture can not be hidden or shown by using one categorie (eg. if you don't want to see the REVIT planting but the furniture).
    On the other hand, we developed a system that makes it possible to load furniture from a linked project into another project by using the "furniture" category.
    However, this only works if the objects are assigned to the correct category.

    Or is there any explanation for them being there?

    "so you basically just want to have the lower part of your own skybox visible in Enscape, meaning the sky section will be cut out and replaced by our own Enscape sky?"

    Yes, that's exactly what I meant.

    For that I used a Skybox and cut out the sky. So basically there was transparancy (TIFF). I hoped Enscape would put it's own sky behind the picture :D

    Skybox1 Shows what sky I wanted to have
    Skybox2 Shows what I got :D
    (Not a nice cut out but it was just a test :D)

    I really like the feature to Import your own skybox into your modell.
    It makes it more realistic! :thumbsup:

    Unfortunately you always have the same sky, so you can't render your building at sunset or at night. :(
    My idea was to cut out the sky from my skybox, so maybe the "Enscape sky" would appear and I could generate my clouds, sky colour ...

    But it's not working. The background of the picture now is just white, no matter what time I set in my project.

    Maybe there's a way for you (in the future) to include a feature, to show the Enscape sky, when there's a transparent background of the individual skybox. :thumbup: