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    Hello Enscape Community and Staff,

    Recently i have been trying to use enscape with the VR headset in my presentations but its unberable, supper laggy and the clients get extremely sick from using the headset.

    I have upgraded to sketchup 23, and the newest version of enscape. I hadnt had issues in the past, the files are ok sized... around 300mb to 700mb.

    I have a 3070ti, Ryzen 9500x, 32ram... so i believe its not my computer. Anyonelse having this issue?

    Hi Demian!

    I recently upgraded to the 3.1 Version. Still no success.... Once the sketchup and enscape are open, the 3D mouse will only work with enscape,

    so for now i have been using version 3.0.2+45914, where it works on both at the same time.

    Cant wait for a solution! Thanks!

    Same here!

    I just updated to newest preview version, now i can only use the 3d mouse in Enscape.... in the past I could switch windows and use them with no problem!

    Looking forward to a solution

    Hello Enscape Community,

    Every year we change our project showcase to our clients. In this year model something ODD is happening to our Enscape Model.

    Using the mouse+keyboard combo we can walk in the entire project, However when we activate the VR experience, we cant reach a few rooms of our model because we keep " Falling " as the program could not read the boundaries or the faces from the sketchup 3d model.

    I will try to fix the problem by re-doing the project in another file. Let me know if there is a solution for this matter!

    Thanks! :P

    Hello team!

    I would like to suggest or see if its possible to add "grass" vertically in a green wall.

    I was running some tests and i came across this "issue". I created a green wall and just added the grass feature to it...but nothing happened... after some tests grass dosent grow vertically 8o

    Could this be something to be implemented in the next update?

    Hello everyone!

    I am impressed with the new version, especially with the new .exe format that allows me to change to VR and different qualities with click a of a button.

    However something is bothering me... in the settings bar the name "ENSCAPE SETTINGS" is throwing me off. Some clients are wandering what is that.

    Can you guys just change to "Settings"?