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    Great. This is a really neat feature. However when the enscape object is not correctly aligned with the revit familiy the feature is unusable.

    An ability to scale the enscape asset in X/Y/Z direction would also be welcome. Most Revit families can be parametrically adjusted, however this will match poorly with the enscape asset if the dimensions are off.

    You can add my vote to higher resolution panoramas and background images as well.

    As it is now we need to render normal images and photoshop them onto the 360 background image to get a high quality panorama. This is a rather tedious process .


    We are trying out the new link revit family to asset fuction. However some of the enscape asset appears rotated compared to the revit family.

    Is there a way to rotate the enscape asset in relation to the Revit family?

    Problem with using local network is that when we're out meeting with customers, its not accessible. Onedrive have a local sync of the folder. So each solutions has its drawbacks.

    I'm sure its possible to make a workaround with symbolic links or something like that, but a possiblity for relative path would be nice.

    It would be possible on a local network, however I'm not sure it is possible through onedrive, since onedrive makes a local syncronization under your own user profile.

    Is there a way to enter a relative path to the skybox image instead of an absolute path?

    When my colleague saves a 360 skybox from onedrive to the project (revit), I am unable to open this image since my path to the picture in onedrive is different. (different user accounts)

    Pardon, which software are you using Enscape with and why can't you use the 3D-scanned objects in Enscape yet?

    I'm using Revit. If there is an easy way to import full color 3D-scans I would very much like to know how.
    As far as I know, its not straight forward to import textured mesh objects into Revit.

    These are the things enscape needs in order to keep architecture firms interested:

    1) Multi-user VR

    2) larger/flexible asset library - Enscape needs a larger / customization library of assets, especially for trees and vegetation.

    Totally agree with this.

    In addition I would really like to see a way to add 3D-scanned objects. 3D-scanners are starting to become affordable through mobile devices, and I'm sure there will be a huge demand for this in the future.

    Yea, the high altitude pictures are from a Phantom 4 Pro drone, the ground pictures are from a DJI Osmo Pro (Gimbaled camera on a tripod)
    Each panorama is +-280megapixels

    For now I've reverted back to as this bug was quite annoying to work with. It seemed it was not consitent, sometimes it happened right after I pushed the enscape tab. Sometimes it happened after a while. I have not had the problem yet after I reverted back.

    Do you still want a feedback report even though I have reverted?

    I get some strange behaviour with enscape 2.6.0-preview1+7184

    When I start Revit everything works normally until i click the Enscape tab. After this the File menu stops working. I cannot open, close or save files within the File menu. However i can save, open etc on the quick menu. It seems only the File menu is affected.

    Sound awesome Arno.

    I would like to test this if possible, allthough I also do not have much dynamo knowledge. Is it possible to make the scattering based on subregions or some other way to make different zones of scattering?

    I love the new assets added into Enscape.

    Since I make a lot of landscaping models I need a way to scatter vegetation elements across an area. Is there any simple way to do this in Revit with the enscape assets?