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    Thanks for your quick reply

    I think it might be a problem that I've used too dark tint on my materials. I got it a bit better when reducing the tint level.

    One other problem that frequently arise when playing around with this, is that exposure and some other settings in Enscape causes revit to hang for a period of several seconds.

    Some times it is quick to respond, some others it is a pain to move sliders within enscape settings. I havent really been able to pinpoint the cause.

    A related question. Is there anyway to update all renders you have added to revit sheets? I've often add enscape renders to my sheets before they are sent to the customers. However if I do any revision I have to render all views manually, then resize it to fit the sheet.


    I've recently started using Enscape, and I love the software. Especially the VR part.

    However I am having a few issues. The main problem is shadows. I've tried tweaking exposure, sun brightness, ambient lighting etc, but its hard to get shadows thats not just black spots. Do anyone have any suggestions?

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