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    I have no idea if that was it or not, though I have not been having any other trouble with them set that high. (I need the moon brightness to light up the snow.)

    However, I just changed the camera angle and did another render (without changing any of the settings), and the splotches are gone! I would still like to know what is causing them, so that I can eliminate them if they crop up in the future.

    I've been rendering some exterior night scenes in a snowy landscape. Most of the time they are coming out very well. But other times I get these strange "blotches" of light. I realize this often happens when a material is used as a light emitter, but in this case all of the exterior lighting is done by Enscape lighting objects (and the moon and stars). The interior lighting behind the windows is a mix of emitters and Enscape lights.

    I am using the following Enscape settings (only the ones that seem relevant):

    Auto Exposure (81% Brightness)

    Auto Contrast

    Rendering Quality Ultra (Capture size is 1930x745)

    Saturation 100%

    All other Image settings set to 0%

    Stars and Moon 300%

    All other Atmosphere settings set to 0%

    Is there anything I can do to clean up this render and eliminate these "blotches"?


    In SketchUp, when setting a custom resolution, you can use the aspect ratio from the SketchUp viewport. Not exactly what you were asking for, but might help you.

    I usually do a combination of renders in Photoshop - I have a custom line style in Sketchup, and I like to combine that with the render from Enscape. Usually I do the Sketchup render, and then resize the Enscape window to match the dimension of the Sketchup render. I then set the custom resolution to match, just to be sure. It would just save me those last couple of steps if the Enscape window opened at the same size as the Sketchup window.


    Do you mean integrated inside the Enscape window (like the presentation mode or the settings in the standalone), docked inside the Enscape window, or docked inside SketchUp? Or have materials/lights/settings all in one window? Not sure every solution is technically possible, just want to understand your idea.

    Sorry, I was pretty vague about that, wasn't I? Honestly, I'm not sure what to do with all the windows. They could be drop-downs from the Enscape toolbar, they could be docked to the Enscape window, it doesn't really matter. I just find I end with a lot of windows that I have to move all over my desktop, and they kind of turn into clutter. There may not be a good solution, and it's really not that big of a deal. I just try to keep my desktop tidy. :)

    Hi guys -

    First of all, let me say that after trying Enscape for a few days, I am completely sold! Purchased a subscription the other day. :)

    I often use a combination of plain old Sketchup renders and Enscape for the work that I do. I size the Sketchup window to the size/ratio of my intended render. It would be nice if, when I do my Enscape render, there were the option to have the Enscape render window open at the same size as the Sketchup window. I realize that I can set up custom sizes for capture, but if the window is a different size from the Sketchup window, the renders often do not line up.

    Also, a way to dock the various Enscape windows would be helpful. Right now, I end up with several windows - the material editor, the Enscape settings, etc - all floating around on my screens. Having them docked, and automatically minimized when not in use, would reduce quite a bit of screen clutter.


    Hello -

    I'm a brand new Enscape user (still on the trial). I'm having an odd sort of problem, and hope you can help solve it.

    I'm working on a rendering of a building in snow at night, and from some angles, especially further away from the model, I am getting strange underlighting that is not coming from any light source from within the model. As I orbit and move around the model, that lighting changes.

    For example, if I zoom in a bit closer, it goes away completely.

    Is this some kind of glitch? Is there any way I can fix it?

    Thanks in advance!