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    I'm using Enscape3D for SketchUp.

    I love the new asset library. It makes it so quick and easy to breathe life into renderings. I've outlined below some additional assets that would be nice to have for future updates.

    People / figures

    1) People walking up / down stairs

    2) People shaking hands or performing various gestures (waving, thumbs up, pointing, etc.)

    3) Animals (dogs walking, cats lounging, etc.)

    4) People with a more casual look (sweatshirts, t-shirts, etc.)

    5) People seated using a computer (hands out as if they are typing)


    1) Vehicles that have built-in lighting for night renderings

    2) Darkly tinted or mirrored glazing so it doesn't look odd when no one is driving the vehicle


    1) Leaf proxy with various arrangement (size, color, etc.) that could be placed on grass


    1) Light fixtures that actually have built in emissive properties for night or low light renderings

    One additional request would be the ability to adjust the normal map bump sensitivity in the Material Editor.

    Thank you and keep up the great work!

    Not being able to adjust bump sensitivity for downloaded PBR textures I have invested in, financially, that only include normal maps will become troublesome.

    There needs to be a way to adjust this without having to do timely workarounds negating the simplicity of what makes Enscape so appealing.

    I've used other rendering engines before (Thea Render for example which is very similar to Vray) that allows normal map sensitivity adjustment. I can't be the only one that sees this as a negative.

    Most PBR texture websites use normal maps.

    The previous sensitivity slider worked quite well when using normal maps. I could adjust materials to achieve the overall look I wanted (sometimes less bump sometimes more). Removing the ability to adjust this just doesn't make much sense to me.

    Based on your replies it appears that perhaps the slider had a placebo effect and wasn't actually doing much when using normal maps? I can assure you it was.

    Other than this criticism I've really enjoyed using Enscape and the improvements you've made (especially the asset library and what's to come for it).

    After upgrading to the latest version of Enscape (2.5) I am now unable to adjust my bump maps in the Enscape Material Editor. There used to be a slider that would let me adjust the sensitivity of the bump but as soon as I apply a normal map the slider disappears and the software applies what I'm assuming is a standard value. As I'm sure you understand this is creating some issues with me producing architectural renderings.

    I'm currently running SketchUp Pro 2018.

    Something strange is happening when I have my Enscape live preview window open. Whenever I paint a surface in my SketchUp window that same surface disappears in the Enscape window; as if I deleted it from the SketchUp model. I have to close the Enscape window and reopen it to see it again. This is becoming frustrating since I go back and forth quite a bit when I'm designing in 3D.

    Any thoughts? My Enscape version is up to date as are my GPU drivers.

    Here are a few images:

    This was screenshotted while I was moving my camera around in the Enscape3D window:

    This was screenshotted after I stopped moving in the Enscape3D window (so basically a still image). You can see that the glass still doesn't look right. See final image below for comparison:

    This was a presentation rendering I exported approximately 1 month ago. None of the distortion occurs in the glass (look at the fireplace):

    I restarted a few times and the problem still persists. In this state I can't really use the software for presentation level imagery/videos.

    I'm getting a weird occurrence when I move around my SketchUp model in the Enscape3D window. Anywhere I have glass it shows this weird noise effect (almost like white noise distortion) until I stop moving. Once I stop moving it eventually fades away. It shows up slightly when I do a video but not nearly as much as when I'm modeling.

    I have the latest GPU drivers and the latest version of Enscape. I also tried doing just a small test model with a simple window and it did the same thing.

    Also some of my proxies are only partially reflected in the glass. For instance, a vehicle proxy only reflects the body but not the wheels.


    I just started using Enscape based on a recommendation from a friend. It’s amazing software. Very intuitive.

    I had one request / question. Is there a way to currently layer textures on top of each other so that I can add surface imperfections like dust, fingerprints, etc through masks?