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    Is there an updated / current version of the revit file that just has several sphere's with example materials applied for revit please? I just downloaded one but it looks like it doesn't have all the current materials.

    I'm using a NVIDIA RTX 2060 and Revit 2022 on windows 11. Due to these past RTX issues I have had the "NVIDIA Denoiser" and the "NVIDIA DLSS" options turned off, as I understood those were the issues. I just turned them back on and did a few test renderings, in a decently complex Revit file, on Ultra settings to see if I could make Enscape crash, like I have experienced in the past, but it has not crashed after several renderings. I was watching my task manager for the GPU performance like "Tearch" noted before, I've never done that before but some results.... GPU performance was low when standing still in the scene but went very high when moving around or rendering an image.


    I am using Enscape with Revit 2020. I am using Enscape with the Live Update option turned on. When I am "walking" around my model I see some weird graphical flickering, almost as if the screen / model is vibrating / shaking. I took a video, seen here:

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    In this file the flickering is not very severe, however I had another recent project where it was extreme, and I had to cut and paste all of the 3d geometry into a new clean revit file to get enscape to stop doing it.

    Appreciate any help.

    I'd suggest adding more short trees since a lot of times with construction the trees are freshly planted and fairly small. Also, i'm in the Austin, Texas area, and we have a lot of Ashe Juniper, commonly called Cedar trees, which don't grow very tall. Also small oak trees and mesquite trees. These 3 species would be great additions. I don't know if there is a way to do this or not but being able to scale the trees would be amazing. ty.

    I've also had crashes when rendering still images with scenes with a lot of geometry and i've been reporting it. It seems to be based on the geometry in the scene. I've tried purging (Revit) and limiting the cropped area, but it still happens. I tested with a very simple scene and it worked great, so I don't know what the threshold is.

    I have noticed an issue when I have Revit and Enscape running at the same time. Say I am looking at my building in Enscape and I have "Live Updates" turned on. If I notice a problem with one of my Revit families where one of the on/off parameters, which controls visibility of one part of the family, is on the wrong setting, I will go into Revit and click the parameter's check box to turn it on (or off). However, when I do this while Enscape is running, often times the change to the parameter won't stay in Revit. After I click it, the command doesn't usually seem to register with Revit and it acts as if I never clicked the box. I have to close Enscape, close my revit file, and reopen it. This does not happen when I do not have enscpae running.