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    For Revit - It would be great if trees had a "plan symbol" so they would show up in plan not as a mesh but as one of the traditional plan symbols for trees. Having a 2d component would be helpful for creating a legend as well. It would be great to have more trees from the American Northeast - in general more coniferous trees, betula, and fastigiate trees. Thanks!!

    As a way to get more variety with the trees it would be great if when you put down a row of trees if they were rotated randomly from the last it would look more natural than the same tree in the same orientation.

    I'd love to see some additional assets that could be added to populate empty commercial spaces we aren't designing - i.e. commercial spaces for rent like a gym, office, restaurant.

    gym and workout equipment

    people doing athletics

    office entry desks

    restaurant host stations

    Can you adjust the ground plane independently of the model geometry? In revit you can set the ground plane for shadows to a specific level, it would be great if Enscape would set the ground plane to that as a default and you could adjust it so you could easily walk around a 1st, 5th, or sidewalk level.