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    Is your windows installation up to date regarding the automatic updates? Are you sure that the write directory has enough free disc space and that you run Revit with the rights to write to this directory?

    Well i got an updated Windows 10 as well ... no problems here at all ... i also got the new "creators update" installed already.

    Yeah, already tried that, but that doesn´t work for lights, i only see "something" when i watch down from the ceiling to the floor. Anyways, artificial lights are coming, totally looking forward to this :)

    Oh, by the way - i would like to help as well concerning testing lights since i need a lot of artificial light sources in my models ...

    Apparently not :) Right now i'm trying to force a downgrade, but even the ".NET cleanup tool" cant get rid of version 4.6.2... i've seached around and cant find any more solutions (that work)... it seems like you are stuck with 4.6.2 if you use windows 10.

    Well ... sounds like the typical .NET "Fun" :(


    I just did some Testing of the Animation function and had a little problem. I exported 20 Seconds, a small fly-by of a scene. While the video was rendering,

    I was in the SU Window, and moved the camera just to see what happens. The Rendering window showed some strange motion blur images then, and after the video was finished with rendering and i watched it, i had the video stucking right at the point where i moved the camera in SU while Enscape was rendering - but no motion blur images as mentioned earlier :)

    Maybe Enscape should not be synchronized at all with SU while rendering a video?


    Thanks very much for the advice, just gave it a try :)

    Apparently the version 4.5.2 is not for windows 10, and if I "downgrade" from the current 4.6.2 my Autocad is gonna act up.

    Oh No .... that what´s i ment with "not nice" ... version conflicts cause of the windows versions. I thought they would have "fixed" that ...

    Hi there!

    Just a little "idea" - how would it be, if you could control settings, changed by some slider, with the mousewheel?

    I know that from other programs, and think thats a bit more comfortable than pressing down the left mousebutton and moving the slider - much more intuitive i think.


    I just read, that Enscape3D has this keyword "emissive", on which it reacts. Does this already work?

    I just "stumbled" over Enscape3D some hours ago, while googling for Oculus Rift + Unity Engine. Enscape3D looks VERY promising for me, since i am searching for a "easy" solution to get fast, good looking VR presentations into our workflow. The only think i a missing are artificial lights, especially if they where some kind of emitter light.

    At the moment i am working with Thea Render (for stills), where i use emitter lights as well, so i would have to just tweak some materials and would be ready to go in no time.

    Or if you will be using the classic point/spot lights - can you maybe tell a little bit on how these will be implemented? Changing existing point- or spotlights wich are already in a SketchUp scene should be no problem - which would be just fine.

    Anyways - just downloaded the Trial version :)