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    Is there a proper (non beta) version of Enscape for ArchiCAD 23 yet?

    I have the latest version installed and it doesn't work on ArchiCAD 23.

    Do we have an ETA? Its holding me back as 23 has been out for almost half a year now....

    Guys, I understand that you might not have the material editor ready for ArchiCAD just yet but why are we paying the same price for a product that clearly doesn't function equally with other versions?

    As Damian Gutberlet said "but since ArchiCAD is our newest integration, it is currently not as "complete" when it comes to some functionalities"

    I completely agree with all of the issues above. Its such a great rendering program but its missing some essential features for the ArchiCAD version. It offers almost half of the options compared to other programs yet its the same price?

    Lighting may work in ArchiCAD but the control of the lighting power/strength is almost non existent.

    Does Archicad have the added Enscape materials and object browsers that sketch up uses?

    The only way i am able to edit how materials appear in the Enscape is through the Archicad surface settings.