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    Hi Clemens,

    many thanks for your reply! I changed the Skybox file and now it seems to be working!!!!! Here is the 1st Skybox image I used, which produced the noise in the renders

    And this is the new one

    here is the result with the same lights and textures as originally

    I hope this will help understand the issue! If it happens again I will explore your suggestions and let you know, many thanks, Oli

    Hi, I am events designer and have been using Enscape for Sketchup for a number of years. I keep having issues with my renders. The images come out grainy and I am struggeling to resolve this. Below are some images that might explain my issue

    copied to new project

    I turn sunlight to 0 and use black skybox and the problem is back

    Any ideas on how to resolve this would be great! Many thanks, Oli