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Please note: Should you experience issues with Enscape or your subscription, and in case of any urgent inquiries/questions (e.g. regarding our upcoming licensing changes) please reach out to our dedicated support team via the Help Center or Support button as detailed here.

    Kaj Burival to echo Pieter - part of the reason we use Enscape is because we can render and design at the same time. The workarounds of pulling out a detached model aren't going to work for us. I don't know many firms that have the luxury of time in their schedules to "pencils down" on design so they can render. That's a thing of the past for most of us. We need to do it all at the same time and I need multiple people working together on it. This should be at the top of the productboard list. This issue is only going to get more painful as our project schedules continue to shorten.

    Hey - didn't see this when posted. I can't speak to the usage of 3060 cards for VR. They work fine for regular everyday Enscape use. I haven't tried anything below an RTX2080Ti for VR. Most of the time I am in 3080+ for VR, but our models are large and heavy, not a house. I'd spend the money.

    Thanks Kaj for the in-depth answer. I can see where this is a complicated issue. I was hoping it would have some sort of workaround, but we will have to address it with our team's communication and planning for now. If there's a way to get there, I think it would be super beneficial for large teams with multiple folks rendering to be able to control each user's visual settings separately. Looking forward to your team's solution in the coming year.

    I have a team of users that are all working towards a presentation in a workshared Revit model. They are getting constant sync with central requests when they make changes within Enscape. Example: Trying to make a view from Enscape or export a view from Enscape or change any settings - when the user tries to do any of these things it asks for them to sync with central first.

    We use Enscape constantly, and have been for the last few years, and we have not had this issue come up before. I have one user submitting feedback but am curious if anyone else has had this same issue.

    The initial feedback button worked but responded with an automated "update your graphics card" response. It instructed my user to reply to the message if that did not resolve the issue so she did. And now we can't get any response from We get undeliverable from any email we try.

    A custom mail flow rule created by an admin at has blocked your message. Exchange Service is disabled on this server.

    Is there any other way to get in touch with support? I am happy to send over the email we keep getting back.

    *Feedback already submitted on this issue.*

    Has anyone else had frequent crashing issues with their BIM360 Revit models? I have had 2 users crashing multiple times throughout the day on the same model - but with different error messages or none at all - and this was the response from 2 different Enscape support team members for both of them. Users were placing assets or had made material changes in Revit and were “resuming” Enscape to update the view after having paused updates. GeForce RTX2080 + RTX 3080 cards with RTX raytracing turned off.

    Based on your responses, I think using BIM360 is the main cause of this issue since Enscape doesn't support these solutions as they will cause crashing, especially when more than one person is working on the Central File. Enscape is designed to be used on a single workstation with all files and components being loaded directly from the hard drive.

    I find this very odd because we’ve been using Enscape with Revit projects on BIM360 for the past 3 years. The only time I remember having issues with Enscape + BIM360 was with Enscape v2.8 back in 2020 causing crashing issues when syncing BIM360 projects. We have many other projects (50+) in BIM360 right now and we are using Enscape with those without issue. Lots of teams work with BIM360 and it’s a bit nuts to ask that we all pull our models down to use Enscape reliably.

    We have never stored our texture images (any content really) on each local workstation because that is not a sustainable workflow for a team of any size, especially when multiple people need to access the same textures to render from the same model.

    Also, more than 1 person is usually working on a workshared Revit file. That is the whole point. If Enscape doesn't work well with models that have multiple team members syncing with central, this is a problem with Enscape for most Revit users.

    Demian Gutberlet any additional thoughts?

    I use Quadro RTX 5000 with 16 GB VRam. I still have raytracing off because of crashing.

    Same. I have people using RTX 3080s that still have to turn it off. It's basically my first line of troubleshooting with Enscape. I bought some of both the 3090's and the 3060's. So far no one has had any comments so I'm feeling pretty good about the purchases. If I have any issues with either card I'll report back to this thread.

    Hello all! Does anyone have an Nvidia RTX 3060 (12Gb NOT the 6gb card)? Looking for feedback on performance before spec-ing it out. I've seen the memory bus width (and thus the bandwidth) is smaller than other cards and am curious about how well it works, especially with detailed textures. Can't get the 3070 or 3080s anymore through my vendor but can put a big whopper RTX3090 in there for $$$$. Hoping the performance of the 3060 would be good enough for daily use on large/complex projects. 250,000 SF + with site context. It would not be running VR but would be producing stills, standalones, videos, and be used for live walkthroughs in meetings.

    We had a user try to update our offline assets with new v3.0 assets (unbeknownst to him it deleted our company's offline assets in our existing server folder) and now our Offline Assets folder is locked. It won't let anyone in and is somehow set to read only. Even our system admins can't edit this folder now. It's still currently empty and has been for the last hour. We've checked network settings and as far as we can tell our network settings are fine, no restrictions on that folder. It seems somehow the process was started but can't complete and has now rendered the folder not editable in any way. In the meantime we are just making a new folder on our server but it seems like there should be a way to prevent users from overwriting a shared company server folder (aside from a warning that people don't read).

    We are also having issues with some .exe exports from 2.9 with VR. I have some digging to do but noticed serious issues after adding video and utilizing displacement maps. Running HTC Vive Pro on fully updated RTX2080Ti with plenty of RAM and fast processor.

    Kaj Burival - I noticed in the thread about workarounds that Helen mentioned there was a fix deployed for this issue (Comcast in the US). Is there something we should be doing for this or was this a fix deployed on your end? I'd like to make sure if we need to install a new version that my teams all have the correct version. Thanks!

    Pontond - We are having similar issues here + also on deadlines. Several users in 2020 aren't able to open Enscape today, multiple projects. We have tried uninstalling and reinstalling + restart. Next up we're going to try turning off Auto-Exposure and Auto-Contrast. That's a usual culprit in my experience when it won't start up. If that does nothing we are going to roll forward or backward on our Enscape versions to see if we can get something usable. I will update this thread if I get any info.

    EDIT - we have also submitted feedback.