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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    Just a quick update:

    • Confirmed that Steam VR is not required. As long as the headset is confirmed as linked with the Oculus app and Quest link is active (either via the link cable or via Airlink), hit the VR button in Enscape and it loads in the Quest nice and quickly.
    • I've been testing for any differences in quality between Airlink and link cable - I can't really see any in terms of visual quality/resolution etc, but it does appear that the link cable provides a slightly more stable connection.
    • I wasn't aware of this, but the laptop needs to be connected to the power otherwise Oculus can't handle it. I assume when running on battery the laptop is defaulting to the onboard graphics which doesn't meet the minimum VR specs rather than the RTX 4090; despite changing this behaviour in the Nvidia settings and windows settings the issues remains - so I'll just have to ensure that whenever I go on site for VR presentations there is available power. Might require me to add a lightweight cable reel to the VR bag!

    Generally working really well though. I will say the resolution in the headset is perhaps marginally worse in Enscape than it appears to be in other PCVR applications (general Steam VR environments for example), however I'm not sure if this is an Enscape thing or just a limitation of the Quest 2 resolution. But for the most part, your brain adjusts well enough and you start seeing the space as 'real' to all intents and purposes.

    I've also tried some of my 3D models in Twinmotion, just for comparative purposes. I would say the VR experience in Enscape is vastly superior to Twinmotion in terms of lighting/materials and performance so that's great - well done Enscape Team! Twinmotion does have some cool features though like being able to drag and drop materials onto surfaces within the VR interface, or set rotators to animate opening doors as the camera approaches etc Demian Gutberlet & Kaj Burival any plans in the dev pipeline to look at this sort of functionality within Enscape?

    I've got a RTX 4090 in my laptop (so not quite as powerful as the desktop variant), I've been experimenting with it in VR using the Quest 2 - I don't have any prior VR experience to compare it to, but it seems to work very well; VR performance has been very smooth indeed at Ultra quality, I'm roaming/teleporting around my models pretty seamlessly, no intrusive stuttering or slowdown. There is some slight dithering on reflections etc, but I assume that's a VR thing not a GPU thing. Possibly something to do with your head never being quite still so Enscape can't properly resolve the reflections like it can when not using VR?

    I have DLSS off by default, I'll toggle it on and see what effect that has, and report back.

    Beyond that, I presume image quality is to a large extent dictated by the quality of the screen in the headset. I'd love to try the Quest 3, everything I've read suggests that's a serious upgrade in terms of resolution. Didn't have the budget for one of those unfortunately, questions of compatibility aside :(

    If relevant, I've tried VR via Airlink and via the official Oculus Link cable, link cable seems to give a slightly more stable performance, but in terms of image quality I can't really tell the difference.

    In regards to SteamVR, I had a lot better performance without it. I haven't tested on my Quest 2, but I would expect it to work just as fine without SteamVR as the Quest 3 does. Give it a try - simply just close SteamVR/Steam, have the Oculus application running and have your headset linked to your computer. Now click the HMD option and the Quest simply boots into Enscape. This killed all my performance issue I've had since v3.5 came out.

    For 1 and 2, I'm no help there! So I guess I just answered a question you didn't ask... ?

    Ah, ok - I'll give it a go, thanks! The first time I ran it I hit the 'headset' button in Enscape and Steam VR opened on its own so I assumed it was required to run.

    Thanks for the update Kaj Burival and Emmett - good to know the Quest 3 works.

    I got the Quest 2 in the end, didn't have the budget for the 3 as it turned out. Quest 2 seems to be working really well - at one point I did have a few issues with Steam VR crashing/partially crashing though, which seemed to completely screw up the Enscape VR display (flickering, glitching, half the screen not displaying etc). Updated the GPU drivers, reinstalled Steam VR, restarted etc and touch wood it all seems to be playing nicely now.

    So yeah - Enscape in VR is incredibly immersive! This is my first foray into proper VR and it really puts you in the space which is great. The Quest 3 will provide a nice upgrade route in due course.

    Couple of questions though, if anyone knows;

    1) One of my models, in walk mode the camera feels too low to the ground. Model is to scale and spectator height is set to 1.75m and its not an issue in other models, just this one feels a bit like I'm at child height!

    2) Any option to change the control bindings to have the left thumbstick on move and the right thumbstick on rotate? Would make for a more intuitive way to fine tune movement through the space. Although the teleport option works really well and avoids motion sickness.

    Hi Demian, thanks for the response.

    How would you like the scene sent over and I'll see what I can do.

    Same time of day for the view being viewed/rendered, skybox is Enscape default and render quality is on Ultra. I'm not sure if this behaviour occurred pre 3.5 or not unfortunately, first time doing an evening scene!


    I'm having an issue with balancing lights. See the images below

    In the real time Enscape window it looks like this, a nice warm glow from the building in the evening light:

    But when I render the image out, it looks like this. Really dull.

    What am I doing wrong here? Latest Enscape version 3.5 install, Sketchup Pro 2022. Any swift help appreciated, I'm trying to hit a deadline. I don't want to have to photoshop it but that might be the only option at the moment!


    Thanks for response - ok, sounds a bit fiddly! I'll have a play around with hiding geometry, worksets, view templates.

    Design Options I've skimmed across the top as I don't find it particularly intuitive but clearly I need to dig into them a bit further if they'll do what I need. I did try earlier, but may have got it wrong as Enscape didn't seem to make the changes.

    Essentially I'm trying to get to a place where I can have the existing fabric then 2 or 3 different options that can be toggled on/off on the fly and unpdate live in Enscape for a VR viewer - different furniture, different textures, different lighting etc etc; I'd prefer to just just do it in Sketchup as its dead easy (lots of tags and layers) but I also need (if poss) to be able to use the BIM mode in Enscape to highlight certain objects and display certain elements of their EPD declaration (which I can add to Revit as custom parameters I believe). And even if I decide to just do it in sketchup and forgo the BIM element within the VR presentation, I still ideally need to output some of the carbon info via TallyCAT which is Revit specific....So I have to step outside my comfort zone and try to figure out some Revit!

    Anyway, thanks for the assistance.


    Possibly a stupid question but I am very far from a Revit power user!

    In Sketchup you can set up individual scenes and turn tags (layers) on and off so only certain geometry and textures displays in specific scenes - the key point being that when you switch scenes, Enscape updates to show only the geometry/textures visible in that particular scene. This means you can switch between options quickly with Enscape running and have it display only those elements you want to display.

    Is there a way to do this in Revit? I'm familiar with Revit phasing and partly familiar with Design options - switching between various 3D views with different phased elements visible updates correctly in the Revit view, but Enscape does not change, it displays only the view that was active when Enscape was started.

    Hopefully I'm missing something simple


    Hi all,

    I appreciate Sketchup is not a full BIM application, however, is there a way to retain BIM information for imported elements?

    I tried importing some Revit families and IFC files from the national BIM Library which of course contain full BIM information when viewed through Enscape via Revit - but show as 'No BIM information available' when selected in Enscape via Sketchup.

    Essentially I'm creating a model where some BIM information for a few very specific elements (lighting, partitions etc) would be helpful.

    Many thanks

    I believe its because the web standalone is limited to the draft quality setting. If you switch between Ultra and Draft in Enscape you'll see it ends up looking like the web standalone.

    Hi all,

    I've been experiencing an error when trying to generate panoramic views. The process runs fine until 93% and then throws up the following error:

    Previously the process would run fine until 93%, hang for a minute or so and then complete ok.

    Its seems to be having trouble finding an .xml file for whatever reason? I know Enscape puts .xml files into the Documents folder (here: "\\COMPANY.local\userdata\LOCATIONuserdata\MYNAME\Documents\Remote Assistance Logs") but I've never had an issue until now. I get the same error in all sketchup models.

    Also may be related but it takes a very long time for the 'Manage uploads' window to appear when I click the button. Sometimes its around 15 minutes before the window appears and Sketchup will greyed out and 'not responding' for the entirety of this time. All my other panoramas still appear to be working.

    Thanks in advance.

    Currently using Sketchup 2020 and Enscape version 3.1.0+51316 if thats relevant.


    Thanks for the response!

    No, I've never seen that. Not a setting I've ever adjusted - unfortunately I need to be able to send it to clients who won't fiddle with their settings, if something doesn't work they'll just abandon it. Web Standalone needs to run well straight away, which it sometimes does, sometimes doesn't. And the resolution issue between browsers is odd too.

    Anyone else, any thoughts?


    I have a couple of questions about the Web Standalone option:

    1. I've created a very simple test web standalone and sent the link to some colleagues. It works fine for me and for some of them, but not for others. We're all on the same default browser (Edge). For those who it doesn't work for, they get a black screen after loading. What is the issue and is there a way to fix it?
    2. I've noticed that the standalone runs at a good resolution in Edge, but looks very low resolution and blurry in Chrome. What causes this behaviour, is it a setting in the browser?

    Here is the link if needed:…5c-44e3-8058-c7c396a6a01b

    Thanks in advance!

    Edge (better resolution)

    Chrome (Lower resolution)


    Just a general bug update - when running the video editor, I'm often finding that when I press play, all other controls are greyed out, eg the stop button so I can't then stop the track playing, choose another keyframe etc. I have to let the video run to the end which usually returns control, but sometimes all controls remain greyed out so there is no option but to restart Enscape.