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    Hi all,

    Hope everyone is well!

    A quick query about reflections, I did search and couldn't find an answer, but I may have missed it!

    How are assets that are included in reflections chosen? Is it object complexity? Distance from the camera? Camera angle?

    See the first image below, the building reflection is missing cars (blue outline) and distant trees etc (green outline), but some cars which are further away are visible in the reflection where cars closer to the camera are not (red outline).

    In the second image, the camera is rotated slightly right and everything has vanished other than kerb geometry which is still reflected (green outline) but everything else is just a shadow. What is it about kerbs that lets them be included, but the cars and trees etc is excluded? ON another view, cars are missing in the reflection but some of the bushes further away than the cars are visible.

    Is there anyway to reduce the shadows in reflections? Shadows without the corresponding objects to case them looks a little weird.

    Render quality is ultra, I'm using an 2080ti RTX.

    Thanks for any thoughts and I do appreciate how technically tricky it must be to calculate realtime relfections!

    Removed all emissive light sources and added three disco lights and it's still an issue with the particles.

    I had this issue a while back - the problem was I had accidentally placed some Enscape light objects into walls without realising it. I find the way Enscape handles adding light objects to be a little counter-intuitive and its easy to end up dragging lights around to wrong positions by mistake or locate them in geometry accidentally.

    I zoomed out, found and deleted the incorrect lights and the issue went away.

    Easiest way around this is just give all walls a proper thickness (push/pull geometry as needed and the problem goes away), but if you don't want to do that and want simple planes for walls then for internal scenes you can just enclose the entire model in a large box. If you need to have daylight coming in through windows etc then cut openings in your box. You're essentially just giving the walls the thickness they need to stop light bleed at the corners in a less tidy fashion.

    beqbiq , basically what BarryFishFinger already mentioned - they are designed this way to reduce performance cost while still maintaining an overall decent visual appearance in Enscape. Especially round objects require quite a few polygons to actually look round, so we're reducing some in this case to not cause any lagging when multiple cars are being placed down. :)

    Thought so! And it works great, I've just populated a scene with around 100 cars (so pretty much all the asset cars and then a number of duplicates), no obvious lag or slow down in either Sketchup or Enscape and visually they really look good. My only comment, some of the car colours are too bright, too colourful. A few more silver/shades of grey/white versions would be nice. Sometimes lots of colourful cars make the scene look a little busy and distract from the architecture they're complimenting. At the moment I'm de-saturating them slightly in photoshop.

    But yes, generally the cars are great as is.

    Similar problem here - Enscape loaded fine the first few tests I did in 2.7, but I've loaded up a much heavier project and its been stuck at 60% for around 10 minutes now.

    I've already installed the Visual Studio X64 as above.

    The fact that it was working and now isn't is curious. I'll leave it going for a bit longer, maybe try it with some other models and then submit a support ticket if needed.

    As an update to this, mine now seems to be working fine. I tried a few other models and no issues loading enscape, although a couple of them did pause for a few seconds at 60%. The model that got stuck I loaded it up again and started Enscape - it paused for about 10-15 seconds at 60% and then carried on to load fine.

    So not sure what the issue was first time around.

    Not sure this can be done through Enscape, so this is something I would do in Photoshop afterwards - I'd render a full colour version of everything (MEP, Architectural etc), then a White/Polystyrol version of everything and then cut out the coloured/textured MEP elements and and photoshop them over the white architectural version. Job done!

    Similar problem here - Enscape loaded fine the first few tests I did in 2.7, but I've loaded up a much heavier project and its been stuck at 60% for around 10 minutes now.

    I've already installed the Visual Studio X64 as above.

    The fact that it was working and now isn't is curious. I'll leave it going for a bit longer, maybe try it with some other models and then submit a support ticket if needed.

    I've noticed that, all the curves on the asset library stuff is a little bit faceted but I assume its deliberate to keep file size down?

    I work on the basis that its a stock asset so its not going to be amazing - for the most part the vehicles (and the other assets) work brilliantly to quickly and easily populate a scene but if something is going to be very close to the camera then I go looking for a better model with a higher polycount (or make my own).

    Thanks Peter!

    For the benefit of anyone else with the same issue, its normal behaviour - to speed up closing the Enscape window certain resources are cleaned up later (physics data for example), so if you immediately restart Enscape after closing it, then it pauses to process longer than usual as it hasn't finished clearing the data from the previous session.

    Yep. Got a new PC with this spec a couple of months back:

    Intel Core i9 Core Processor i9-9900X (3.5GHz) 19.25Mb Cache

    64GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000MHz (4 x 16GB)

    11GB Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080Ti

    500GB Samsung 860 EVO 2.5" SSD Gb/s

    Its a great PC, absolutely destroys everything in Enscape in 4K. Its really freed up Enscape for me, well worth the money.

    At that distance and level of detail I would probably just make 3 or 4 'Lit Window' materials, make them self illuminating and give each one a differing light intensity or colour to give a more natural effect.

    I've just thrown the example below together in a couple of minutes, but with a bit of time and care to vary the lighting in the rooms up the building and avoid obvious pattern/repetition it could look pretty cool!

    Another +1 for displacement please!

    Working on a project that requires some close ups of brick slips, needs displacement to look correct/impressive so for now I'll have to use my other rendering software (Indigo) to show the displacement.


    Hi, Feeback submitted! What I've done:

    Created a super simple scene (floor, wall, one self illuminating material)

    Started Enscape with no issues

    Shut Enscape down, then started it again about 10 seconds later.

    Enscape loads to 2% (Preparing Resources) then stops and I get the 'Server Busy, Switch/Retry' Dialogue. This persists for about 2 minutes until clicking 'Retry' Enscape carries on beyond 2% and loads fine.

    As I say, not a big issue and maybe its user error starting Enscape so swiftly after closing it, but thanks for looking at it!

    Hi, just a small update on this one - I haven't had the errors again that I noted in my OP but what I'm finding now is that if I close down Enscape (when say the live refresh stops working), if I open it up again within about 5 minutes, Enscape loads to 2% then stops. Sometimes it takes 30 seconds to continue loading, sometimes a couple of minutes. It always seems to kick back into life though!

    Not a major issue

    Small bug I've picked up with latest version 2.6.1 - if you close down Enscape and then open it up fairly swiftly afterwards (sometimes I have to do this as the live updates feature occasionally stops updating Enscape as the model is updated), Enscape appears to hang with a 'Server Busy' screen offering the choice of Switch to or Retry. Sometimes it can sit like this for multiple minutes until clicking retry lets the assets etc load and Enscape starts as normal.


    The latest assets are great, the range of people is really starting to cover everything I need. Suggestions from my latest project:

    1) A few less people on phones, or at least a variation of the same people on and off their phone.

    2) A wider range of ethnicities/races. There are obviously a few non-white people, but it would be good to have more to use.

    3) People with pushchairs.

    4) People in Wheelchairs.

    Thank you all, that’s really helpful. So this means all the Quattro “Pro” Stuff is crap when it comes to render things?

    They're great for certain CAD applications, but you need to go quite high up the range to get big performance in most 3D/rendering applications. And then the higher you go, the more expensive they get. The Quadro RTX 5000 mentioned above is around £2,000. The RTX 2080TI is almost half that, the price/performance ratio is a lot better with the Nvidia GTX cards.

    And if running AutoCAD/Revit etc is a concern, the RTX 2080Ti is great is those applications too, certainly I've not noticed any downsides to having one.