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    I have the same problem with the Archicad 26. There is no 'Deactivate' or 'Activate' button in new User License center (please refer to the screenshot)
    Because of that I was forced to remove the license from my office computer with Enscape updated to the 3.5 version to use it to the laptop with 3.4 version.

    And that was before I updated the laptop to Enscape 3.5.... At the moment of the update, the license was deactivated on the laptop. So when I tried to move the license from my PC by removing the key and entering it at the laptop - I ended up with deactivated license with no way to activate it, because there is just no such button, while the Help section shows that it should be there.
    To be honest, this is a completely bizarre experience and not the most pleasant finding before the client presentation.
    Hope, there is a quick fix for this interface bug as it is impeding the work process.
    Would really appreciate if the developers could address this issue.
    PS: Honestly, it would be much more convenient to have the online license/user cabinet with the ability to switch licences and revoke them from it.

    I would like to have the option to revoke the license from the computer using my Enscape Account menu on the website. This is extremely useful, because if I'll loose the access to the computer due to some unexpected reason, I could revoke the license from it to apply it on the other machine myself, and save your support from extra hassle of doing this. Also, this will save your customers a lot of time and nerves, cause we have to wait for support to respond in order to progress with our work.

    Similar feature works perfectly for Google account, Facebook, online banking apps, where you can control terminate unnecessary sessions at the other machines.