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    Ted.Vitale you'll have a dedicated Displacement map option where you currently switch between Bump and Normal map. If you want to combine a normalmap with a displacement map you'll have to combine them into a single RGBA texture for now. Then Enscape will recognize it correctly and use the RGB channels for normal and the alpha channel for displacement.

    This limitation might be lifted in future versions down the road though, but will require some overhaul of the current Material Editor UI.

    Hope that helps! :)

    That’s great news, I mean it would be easier to have it as a separated element in the UI but the fact that out of the box I have that functionality with a little extra legwork is nice. Thanks for the update.

    I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, the Enscape Team is developing at an amazing rate. It’s the one subscription software I actually feel like is worth the yearly subscription. I with some of the host software would take note and start developing at a more regular pace!

    Demian Gutberlet is there any information on how to use Displacement? Im currently just adding it to the bump slot assumign thats where it lives and it seems like it works pretty well, but im wondering how it will be implimented in the final iteration. It would be nice to be a seperate slot so that we can have displacement and fine grain bump/normal map as well. Either way, its nice to play with so far!

    Woooooooo! I’m already thinking of ways to put this too work! Any chance it will support alpha channels with the animated textures?

    I just saw on linkedin a video of Lunas 3D Visualisation showcasing their L-Touch Real Estate Marketing Software.

    Looks like they are using a combination of google earth and unreal rendering engine and bim functionality.

    Is it possible for enscape to use 3d graphics from google earth in future versions?

    You might want to give this a try. Weve had some really good luck with it so far.

    Once you get it in blender you can export it as a fbx and import it to sketchup

    A collection of interiors!

    The first Pair is a design by Inventure Design interiors illustrating the a showroom unit for a high-end senior living complex.

    The Gym is also from Inventure Design and is for funding for the Houston St. Thomas Aquinas atheletics program.

    The next set of interiors are for Studio Life/Style and are for a popular actor. I cant say who it is specifically but hes been in Guardians of the Galaxy and done some voice acting in a movie about plastic bricks ;)

    The Baroque Room was just testing some new models and materials.

    Finally the Apartment and the Lobby Lounge were for the Harbisons Dairy by SgRA Architects in conjuction with Cohere.

    Archytextural you’re right I might go back in and tweak that a little more to try and punch up the trees a bit more. I just got a comment from the client this morning I need to take care of so I’ll be back in the photoshop file today. Maybe I’ll be able to make that change as awesome well!

    Thanks for the crit! It’s always good to have fresh eyes on things you’ve been looking at for weeks 😂

    But isnt that a SketchUp functionality rather than an Enscape feature? At least there seem to be other people that have the same challenge:…-export-possible/101528/5

    Yes, the texture its-self is in-sketchup but the linking to the Bump/Normal/Reflection/Transparency mapping is handled by Enscape so if I share a sketchup file with those assets, theyre not included in the file. Same for the custom linked models.

    Very interesting approach. This seems to work for custom animations at the moment but a lot of work seems to be involved. It would be great to see Enscape support fbx Animations at some point in the future. Now that we have animated trees maybe thats the direction were heading :) One can only hope.

    Great work!

    My only piece of advice would be to make the grass a little lighter in color so the trees pop a little more. In the lower portion o f the rendering it all becomes a green blob. My other advice would be to vary the color of the trees, but we can't do that yet with the assets.

    I would tend to agree with you here. But the first comment from the client was "Maker the trees and the grass greener" (there were origionally a few different varieties), so in this instance we're dealing with artistisc prefrence vs client requests, and since the client pays the bills, well, we get all green trees lol. But I could probably varry the lightness of the grass some like youve said.

    Ted.Vitale , nothing major I would see as a fault, I think this is a fantastic looking project already - one thing: Perhaps you want to add a few benches to the green "park" areas? Or perhaps something like a playground for example. :) Just an idea to make these areas a touch more interesting!

    I wish I could Demian! Unfortunately this is a mapping project more than a traditional visualization or design project. The requirements were too model the existing ammenities as closley as possible (with-in the timeframe and budget provided) and give an accurate portrail of the office park as it currently staands.

    The two buildings in the upper right hand corner are Phase 1 of a multi phase long term project that will redevelop the entire area (lots of parking lots built in the mid to late 70's) and turn it into a more attreactive location.

    In the mean time the goal is to show what is there and augment this on the marketing website with clickable informative markers at different locations around the site.

    Can you speak a bit about the performance you're having on a model of this scale?

    Did you have to compromise on the detail (for example, are the cars and trees highly simplified models, or are they regular assets). Can you move around without too much lag when you have a lot of geometry in the view (like in the shot that you shared here)?

    No, honestly I dont get much lag in this particular model, unless im rendering while im modeling. All the proxy components are enscape components and a copuple of the buildings as well (revit models brought in as proxies). I can float around the model very easily with enscape running.

    That said, with 24gb's on the Titan ive got a lot of headroom, and generally dont have issues.

    Just wrapping up another large aerial map image for a project. Cant give much more detal outside of that. Constructive criticism on how to improve it further is welcome and Im happy to answer any questions on process.

    Sketchup 2018

    Enscape 2.7 finished in 2.8


    Full resolutuion is 8000x3597 (cropped version shared here)


    6950x @4.0ghz

    64gb ram

    RTX Titan

    So the result would be an archive file with all the required SKP files in it, properly linked to each other?

    Yes, exactly! An archive file is a good way to describe it.

    I can always share the .exe with clients, that will have everything in it, but If I need to share the full scene with proxies and materials and bumpmap textures etc, with a team member, off network, we currently have to collect those resources manually, pack it up, send it over, and then re-link everything once on the new computer and hope we didnt miss anything! Its a painfull process at the moment, but one an archive system would help tremendously.

    It would also help when sharing filed with you and the support team so you get a full picture of the project when opening a scene.

    It would be really handy to have a "Pack Scene" Functionality.

    We're finding it more and more difficult to work in Enscape (for SketchUp) as a remote team. With Covid-19 in full swing across the globe our teams have been working from home on their personal computers. The problem is, our assets are all on office computers and there's no way to remotely access the server, so sharing complex models is becoming more and more difficult. When we need to share the file and all assets, on the new computer, we have to manually re-link our proxies and textures, and with very large models, this is extremely problematic (see attached image for the scale were currently working in). The only other option would be to keep all modeled assets in SketchUp and that bloats the scene file into the GB range in some cases.

    A way to quickly pack all the non-Enscape assets would be incredibly useful and invaluable during the pandemic and moving forward with more teams working remotely.

    I hope this makes sense, and if you have any questions about the feature I've outlined above please feel free to ask.