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    Hello Demian,
    Here are the link with model.…520820210216164021/7bc793

    If you can do something i will be happy.I tried for 3 mounths and still nothing


    So I downloaded the model and started tinkering with it. Man, it's kludgy (I'm running a Titan RTX, 128GBs of ram, and Ryzen 3900x), so you may need to go in and turn some of the buildings into Enscape linked models to get it to behave. You also need to periodically purge out your model in SketchUp (I recommend purge-all I cleaned out 193 un-used components and 30 materials.

    All that said, you might also want to try and go through and just do a little housekeeping in the model before exporting to Enscape because this thing is massive. You might also consider just pulling the whole thing into a fresh scene as an Esnscape linked model.

    Vlad Moldovan who is active on this forum has a very insightful tutorial on how to make an Enscape velvet material

    I know! This video is amazing, and his lighting techniques are great, but it would be nice to just be able to go to the dropdown menu and choose velvet as an option (and maybe car-paint while were at it ;))

    Can we get a specific velvet shader. It’s terribly difficult to fake it and unless you do some weird stuff with lighting.

    Sorry, Demian Gutberlet missed that detail. Updated!

    This is a self-sustaining offshore city concept we worked on about a year ago for a company small company called TerraformAEC. An interesting concept overall, and a lot of fun to develop.

    We also got to generate some small iconographic illustrations (almost like SimCity pieces) to augment their eco calculation system.

    A lot of fun overall to work on and a bit different from the normal stuff we've worked on.

    Please vote based on the image "Terraform Offshore City_sml.jpg"

    I own a small Architectural visualization firm here in Baltimore. Its myself, my business partner and our intern. Im still primary owner, and do 90% of the legwork so Im always looking for ways of saving time or money.

    Ive watched Enscape's growth from the early days in 2015 (i think?) when I first heard of the product. It was popular for low end visuals in Revit but V-Ray was still my go-to because I was working at Chaos Group at the time and tendded to give more realistic results. Over the past 5 years though, Ive watched Enscape grow, evolve and improve so rapidly that I really cant believe it. Now my small studio is using it for 80-90% of our rendering workflow. Its saved me loads of money and headach by allowing us to focus on staging and design, while still having the quality we need to produce beautiful high-fidelity images for clients.

    One specific project where it was a god send was for Inventure Design. They came too us and asked that we produce a finished animation of their recent proposal for a client headquarters. We had a week to stage, prep, animate and edit using the architect provided base model. In a traditional rendering pipeline this would have been out of the question because the render farm costs would have killed the budget, and even with our render farm we could never have been able to produce it that quickly. Enscape and the real-time system it uses rendered out 2K clips in no time flat. Made us look great too the client and has evolved into a wonderful working relationship with many jobs to come.

    Enscape keeps saving me time and making me money. I love it!

    So, the new animated textures in the 2.9 preview are awesome! But I've notioced if I leave the machine idel for a while the textures stop animating, in the viewport or the export. I have too re-start the enscape scene completely. Close the enscape window and restart enscape.

    Not a terrible bug, but, thought I should make a comment.

    Woooo! Im tinkering around with the animated textures ans this is a pretty sweet add!

    Im going to request some added complexity here though. I'd liket to see animated textures supported in other locations, specifically the transparency texture slot.

    It would be really amazing to key out some of the elements in the video. So, essentially drop in a Green screen person/bird/tree, also have the exported alpha channel available (usually generated from like After effects) and combine the two elements so you have the object on screen moving and the background element keyed out using the transparency texture.

    Pretty impressive either way.

    Ted.Vitale you'll have a dedicated Displacement map option where you currently switch between Bump and Normal map. If you want to combine a normalmap with a displacement map you'll have to combine them into a single RGBA texture for now. Then Enscape will recognize it correctly and use the RGB channels for normal and the alpha channel for displacement.

    This limitation might be lifted in future versions down the road though, but will require some overhaul of the current Material Editor UI.

    Hope that helps! :)

    That’s great news, I mean it would be easier to have it as a separated element in the UI but the fact that out of the box I have that functionality with a little extra legwork is nice. Thanks for the update.

    I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, the Enscape Team is developing at an amazing rate. It’s the one subscription software I actually feel like is worth the yearly subscription. I with some of the host software would take note and start developing at a more regular pace!

    Demian Gutberlet is there any information on how to use Displacement? Im currently just adding it to the bump slot assumign thats where it lives and it seems like it works pretty well, but im wondering how it will be implimented in the final iteration. It would be nice to be a seperate slot so that we can have displacement and fine grain bump/normal map as well. Either way, its nice to play with so far!

    Woooooooo! I’m already thinking of ways to put this too work! Any chance it will support alpha channels with the animated textures?

    I just saw on linkedin a video of Lunas 3D Visualisation showcasing their L-Touch Real Estate Marketing Software.

    Looks like they are using a combination of google earth and unreal rendering engine and bim functionality.

    Is it possible for enscape to use 3d graphics from google earth in future versions?

    You might want to give this a try. Weve had some really good luck with it so far.

    Once you get it in blender you can export it as a fbx and import it to sketchup