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    That's unfortunate to hear. I would have assumed since you were using the bright spot at the sun location you could generally do something similar with the Atmospheric fog, Assume that if the bright spot were the sun location as it normally was then the atmospheric fog would generally act the same. This would obviously be a problem in scenes using an indoor skybox for a product rendering, but I don't know anybody who would want atmospheric fog for that anyway.

    Is there possibly a way I could hack it to try it out and see if it works in my scene? If not that's okay too, just though i would ask. Thanks for the quick response Thomas!

    I think it would be beneficial if you contacted the Laubwerk team with this request as well. I've also asked about Laubwerk support (from both teams) and hope it will support them as a proxy option in the future.

    Is there a way to apply the Polystyrol material to individual objects in a scene (working in SketchUp). Id like to do a hybrid rendering where some of the building are in the white Polystyrol material and the highlighted building I'm working on is in full color. I'm sure I could just apply a white material to everything, but the Polystyrol would look really cool.

    Hi Enscape Team! I have a question about the possibility of changing light colors in SketchUp. I've been asked by a client if we can adjust the color of a light to match a certain RGB color value of their LED's but I cant currently do that in Enscape so I have to switch to V-Ray. Any chance this feature is on the list for future dev? It would be great if it was!


    Unfortunately we cannot grant free usage outside from Enscape but you're free to use them inside Enscape for all your work and if you need more you can

    purchase additional models directly from AXYZ - Archivision or a different provider.

    Hi Jonathan Knoefel, That's actually exactly what I'm asking about, how might I use those models in my Enscape render (for SketchUp)? I can't add them as Proxies, and I'm not sure how I might use them in a scene rendered with Enscape.

    I'm having trouble with transparent materials at night and I'm hoping somebody might be able to help me solve the issue or share a tip or trick to make it less noticeable. It seems any time I create a night image with transparent objects they go black (see attached). Hoping somebody might be able to help me find a solution to this.


    Hi Guys,

    First I want to applaud the entire Enscape team, Developers and Support alike. You all are doing a phenomenal job answering questions and being active in the forms, as well as being incredibly fast with development requests. Great work!

    So, that said, I wanted to know more about your RPC models. I've noticed you have a lot of Enscape models in the ...SystemData> Models folder. My assumption is these are your replacement files for the existing RPC content in Revit. Are these .EMF's RPC proprietary? Or are they property of the Enscape team? If its the latter, it would be awesome if you allowed their usage inside Sketchup and Rhino as Proxy objects! Having access to content is always important, especially if those models are optimized specifically for Enscape.

    Thanks, Looking forward to your response!

    What if you control it with group (or component) names instead of material names? The user would draw out faces to support the maps and keep them in scene, off camera somewhere. This would prevent them from being purged. You could have a main outer group with the material name and some suffix to signal that it contains the render maps. You could then have 2 or 3 subgroups which contain a single face supporting the applicable texture maps.

    It would be easy enough to build a quick template to plug the maps into. The user could organize the "map groups" off camera as they wish. Taking further, they could then be saved as components and quickly loaded for future projects.

    This actually feels overly complex on the user side.