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    Interesting. I made the assumption that "synchronize views" would override the Enscape FOV to match SketchUp's to synchronize the two. Its a bit un-intuitive in that respect, but that's very helpful to know about. Thanks Simon.

    When we had to develop the 3.4 material Editor, it was brutal. It's like re-inventing the wheel, especially with a legacy product like V-Ray that has all the bells and whistles since its a "high end" rendering solution, and to be honest, you don't need 80% of it. I'm still trying to sell my partner on using it for some new projects as a fast way to VR, but with out at least some material control, its tough. That's why I think if you guys supported a substance material, it wouuld be Ideal. Then as a high end user I can create custom materials, and as an entry level user, I can get pre-made materials or use something like Substance B2M to put together quick materials to load into my scene.

    That would be incredibly beneficial to my workflow as well! I'm used to having full control over materials since I use V-Ray mainly, but having the ability to grab a normal map would be awesome! Or if possible, having the ability to use Substance materials would be great too.

    Can somebody give me a tip or trick as to how I might be able to make Enscape not render edge geometry? For some reason on my car models i get this subtle mesh edge showing through and I don't know how to remove it. I've uploaded an example file. Its very noticeable on some renderings and takes away from the overall look and feel of the image in some cases.

    So, in my typical workflow I need specifically 3 channels to do post production work.

    1. Alpha Channel (provided upon render export) :thumbsup:
    2. Material ID
    3. Line-work Overlay

    The most important channel is the Material ID channel, because i allows me to quickly select a color in post production to adjust or edit a material/texture after the render. This can be done in one of two ways; The first is in SketchUp, and is done by setting the view port render too only show colors, not textures, and turn off line-work and shadows. This gives be a pretty decent faux-Material ID pass to work on when compositing images. The other way to do this is in V-Ray, by rendering out the Material ID channel. Either way this is very useful in post production. I see it as being as simple as automatically generating random contrasting colors for each type of material and just having the option to export it out when you render.

    The next most important channel or element that I use is a line-work pass (usually out of SketchUp). Essentially I export a simple black line over white background. This allows me to composite the two in post production using a multiply layer, and then control the visibility of the line-work or remove it completely. Currently I cant do this in Enscape because I don't know of a way to override all materials so that I can export out only line-work. It would be amazing if Enscape had a simple Line-work material override that could be exported, similar to the foam option, but with no background and pure white. This is a similar request to the post here: Displaying line work in SketchUp+Enscape but I don't know of a way to export only the line-work.

    linework V1.png

    Thanks guys!

    Is there any word on support for proxies in Enscape for SketchUp? I would love to be able to use some higher quality models for trees around my exterior scenes. I'd also love to be able to use my Laubwerk proxy collection inside Enscape.

    Is there any advantage in running dual GPU's? I currently have Dual 1080ti's in my machine for GPU rendering in V-Ray, but I'm wondering if they are both actively being used while running Enscape, or does the program only run from a single card?

    I'm running Enscape for SketchUp and Windows is up to date (just checked). As far as space is concerned I have just under 100gb of free space on my C: Drive at the moment and as far as I can tell it should allow me to save to a directory without issue, I manage my own office workstation and can't see a reason that would prevent it from saving.


    Is your windows installation up to date regarding the automatic updates? Are you sure that the write directory has enough free disc space and that you run Revit with the rights to write to this directory?