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    Yeah, unfortunately, we have some legacy projects that don't work well with 2021 and are much less stable when upgraded (SketchUp issues not Enscape). 3.3 seems to be working just fine, however, so I'll continue with the older version for now and hopefully it will get addressed in some future build. Ill have to test in 2019 to see if the bug persists there as well.

    I'm finding in the current release build of Enscape 3.4 I'm getting a crash when I right-click a component to save as an Enscape external model I get an immeadiate crash.

    Win 10
    SketchUp 2018


    Is anyone else running into this issue?

    Its pretty scene dependent. We work in some pretty massive scenes now and one brought my titan rtx to its knees. We ended up upgrading to an A6000 to get a job out the door. The globe plants are amazing but even with the 6000 i have to use them sparingly.

    I find having a bunch of smaller flame elements and then scattering them along a thin path makes for a somewhat better result. Think of it almost like a grass scatter instead of a plane. It still doesnt work at every angle, but its a little better.

    So I have an issue with the imported geometry for a lot of our plant library. The X-Frog plant library is pretty low quality geometry for some of their older models. They still work, but if we import them to SketchUp, we can control the edges with "Soften Edges". If we import that same fbx into the custom assets editor, we tend to have poor results because there is no way to smooth the geometry. Is there any workaround for this?

    This is also part of the reason having the ability to pull in native program file formats to the Asset editor would be incredibly helpful.

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone else has issues with .tif files. I get some very odd texture results when using the .tif files provided by the xfrog plant library.

    I tried to upload the files here but I'm getting an error on the forum because it doesn't like .tif either.

    It would be nice to still be able too access these settings outside of the render window or before rendering. In large models its nice to be able to set your settings or pull a preset before you launch enscape.

    We use transmutr all the time, a great little plugin, but its not a solution to the problem, which is you cant save a SketchUp file to the Enscape assets. The problem isn't getting content to SketchUp, its getting the content I already have set up as SketchUp models to the custom asset library for my entire team to access on the network. I would have to re-do all my existing texture and material work if I were to export the SketchUp model asset as OBJ/FBX (which renders poor results anyway) to then re-import to the Enscape assets library and re-do all my textures and materials.

    On one model it's not that big a deal, when it's libraries of stuff, well that's a different story.

    If you have the ability to "export selected" to one of the custom asset formats then it should work...however you will want to move the asset to the origin point before exporting, because the custom assets will place from the scene origin point.

    When you say "export selected" you're saying to export the sketchup object as an obj fbx etc. right? Then I would potentially need to reconnect all UV'd textures and reapply all my settings and everything else to the model and that's wayyyy too many steps to add something already set up in a scene. Unless I'm missing what you're saying