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    It would be really handy to have a "Pack Scene" Functionality.

    We're finding it more and more difficult to work in Enscape (for SketchUp) as a remote team. With Covid-19 in full swing across the globe our teams have been working from home on their personal computers. The problem is, our assets are all on office computers and there's no way to remotely access the server, so sharing complex models is becoming more and more difficult. When we need to share the file and all assets, on the new computer, we have to manually re-link our proxies and textures, and with very large models, this is extremely problematic (see attached image for the scale were currently working in). The only other option would be to keep all modeled assets in SketchUp and that bloats the scene file into the GB range in some cases.

    A way to quickly pack all the non-Enscape assets would be incredibly useful and invaluable during the pandemic and moving forward with more teams working remotely.

    I hope this makes sense, and if you have any questions about the feature I've outlined above please feel free to ask.


    Hey Sasha Schiavi ,

    Unfortunately you cant do this in-render (though that might be a sweet feature!).

    After you render you would need to composite the images in Photoshop or other photo editing software. Import all the images (Background photo, Render, Material ID pass), stack them in photoshop, then select the background from the Material ID pass and mask that part out of the render. Then hide your Material ID Pass and you'll have what you are after.

    So, I've run into this issue before, but its exacerbated in this particular model.

    I've imported some google earth data to SketchUp from Blender via an FBX export and then Transumtr. The the textures are all located on my network drive and are easily accessed by SketchUp and other programs. They are visible in the SketchUp file as well but when I render in Enscape, the model is white because the materials are missing in Enscape and I can't force the program to find them so I have to manually re-link each material individually.

    This is fine when its one or two materials, but when I'm dealing with 100+ materials like this scene, its incredibly time consuming and makes it difficult to work with.

    The scene and textures can be downloaded here:…Z0s2Qp4DVwYGU?usp=sharing

    Im not sure how your pathing system works, but it would be really helpful if, when collecting resources at render time Enscape checks the local file folder for the associated assets. V-Ray has this feature and it is a life saver when dealing with larger files. A Pack scene function would also be very useful.

    Thanks guys!

    SketchUp 2018

    Enscape 2.8 - Preview 8

    Windows 10

    GPU Drivers Updated - 070620

    Personally I’d like to see it plugged into Blender too. Eevee is great and all but there’s still a lot of setup that has to be done to get it looking good. But Enscape’s in either Max or Blender would be cool, but I imagine a total nightmare for the development team to connect up and support. Lots of animation tools, modifiers, and material types to set up and hook up. It’s just a very different work flow from what the design community is used too and would take a lot of legwork I’m sure.

    But I still support it if they could do that!

    I was just getting ready to post that a dirt map would be an amazing addition to the material properties! Glad I did a quick search first.

    Ive got some time to do some trouble shooting. Ill work on getting you steps to reproduce today if I can. Ive also noticed, legacy import is really really slow to open, ill explore that in a separate ticket.

    I don't know if this trick still works, but this might be what you're looking for Duane.

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    They deleted it so we have no idea what is the most popular request, there is a lot of up voting on topics but there is no way to know what "SHOULD" be worked on next or if ever, quite a few months ago i brought this exact topic up and it was promised we are working on something to replace it (Trello) still waiting guys

    The development of Enscape is of grave concern to me as they don't seem to have a coherent road map addressing user requests in a timely manner. any idea when or if we will be able to create our own enscape objects???

    It seems to me that Enscape needs a complete re-work from the ground up to make it more of an engine and allowing more talented people to develop the front end for the various software

    I would wholeheartedly disagree with everything you’ve said. The Enscape team has regularly produced a responsive product that has continually grown with the community and in multiple programs (revit, SketchUp, rhino, archicad). They are incredibly responsive and continue to grow and evolve the product.

    Ted.Vitale Are you talking about the settings in the "General Settings" window?

    It sounds like you would need to be able to save to a file for those.

    I see no option currently to save those, only option appears to be saving the "Visual Settings" to a file.

    Yeah, I really think the Customization should be added to the visual settings, along with the advanced features if I'm quite honest. When you deal with large scenes, I will control visibility and lighting on a per scene basis. Maybe Demian Gutberlet can add this as a request for those of us who have lots of projects that require custom splash screens and icons. Or potentially having a separate save functionality for the other settings category so that we can quickly mix and match?

    SO, I haven't upgraded to 2.6 because of a few reasons, but mainly because of the new split with the visual settings. Let me further explain, and maybe some one here can help shed some light on the subject.

    As I understand it you can save your visual settings in 2.6 and they are saved with the scene. Great! But, I have multiple clients that each have different loading screens, Interface Overlays, Icons, and Window Caption Text. With 2.5 I could easily jump between project settings and these customization's would follow. In 2.6 I am now finding I have too update these with each project. (Unless I'm missing something)?

    Are the Customization settings supposed to be per-project (saved with the sketchUp scene) or are they intended to be global? Because right now, I am having to re-build each of my project customization's every time I open a different client project.

    Thanks for any help on this one!