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    I didn’t see your post initially, looks like we both are definitely headed in the right direction. I found that also adding some metalness to the material gives it a similar sheen to velvet.

    Unfortunately until we get a falloff controller I doubt we’ll be %100 believable.

    Either way I’m super happy with stumbling on to the leather material I created!

    Hi All,

    I was experimenting trying to make a velvet material, and I think I got as close as I could in Enscape and stumbled on some really great leather results along the way. Attached are my results! Let me know your thoughts and feel free to give suggestions on improving either of the materials.

    Velvet is difficult because there are no falloff settings in Enscape, so I had to work with what was available; textures and mixing variables between tint colors, bump and metallic controls.




    I've attached both versions, the generic material and the Folliage material, and I think I like the generic material version looks best, but this has an interesting quality to it as well, however both versions the shadows are a bit harsh.

    The cool thing is I stumbled on to a great way to generate a shiny aged/distressed leather look by changing the material type to Clearcoat and tweaking the colors slightly I get really amazing results!


    I'd be interested to hear everyone's thoughts on these and ways to further tweak the materials!


    I'm afraid, Oculus Quest support will not happen any time soon. As stated above, you could use something like ALVR (which we don't officially support though) to stream Enscape into the Quest, but generally, the hardware would just not be capable enough for larger projects.

    There'll be a lot more powerful standalone headsets coming in the future - I don't see a reason why we wouldn't support them eventually in some form. But right now, there is no standalone headset which could fully give you a decent Enscape VR experience.

    Would there be a way to port the web uploads to something like the Oculus Quest?

    You're right in that regard, I apologize for that Solo, for the mis-judgement there and for in accurately pointing to past problems, i was definitely mistaken. I was also probably a bit harsh. But I stand by my initial point that I think its inappropriate to lash out at the devs who work very hard on this product because a feature has not been implemented yet.

    Ted, please show me where I did this, I do not even use Vray, never owned it, only tried it as a trial more than 10 years ago, I was using Podium and Vue at the time, you may have me mixed up with someone else, or remember me as a global moderator at Sketchucation where many users were frustrated at Vray at that time.

    That could very well be, I may be mixing users, my memory is not perfect. But my comment still stands regarding constructive posting.

    And no, I don't want to work in development again any time soon.

    You used to do this in the V-Ray for SketchUp forums too. If a feature request you made or comment you posted, wasn't responded to fast enough for your liking you would get bent out of shape. You're not the only one who does this kind of stuff, but your comment caught my eye today.

    This feature is clearly in the dev. pipeline, maybe it will be in some future iteration of the product, which would be great. But if it doesn't, oh well. Tough, start using max or blender or c4d or any other product that does support it. But when you get onto a forum and complain that 'the dev team lied to you' and start cursing at them, I take it personally, because I've been on both ends of the development process, as a user and as developer. They don't owe you anything, not an indication that your request is valid, not a full product road map, nothing. They're job is to answer relevant questions, review all requests collectively and build a platform that functions effectively for the majority of users and the community as a whole.

    So, in the future, I would suggest you post more constructively, because the only one here wasting your time is you.

    Solo you just hit the nail on the head when you said "...something my workflow desperately needs". Your workflow is not every bodies workflow and while this would be a great feature to have, its clearly not a high priority for the dev. team who is developing for a community, not you alone. I think you need to adjust your expectations for all software, not just Enscape.

    Well then, I see no point in making requests, I have been waiting for a year, you could have said something a long time ago. pretty shitty that y'all kept lying about noting another plus one, what for? you have no intentions to add this anyway, wasting my time.

    I think they've been pretty responsive overall with development requests and product improvements. You're always welcome to go use another product if you don't like the direction this one is headed. Throwing a hissy-fit in the forums because your feature request hasn't been completed yet doesn't help anybody.

    ... completely independent from the renderer: How great it would be to be able to save SkUps entire working environment (including the trays, plugins, etc.) into different sets, which you can load then as desired, similar to Adobe CS does that. That alone would be a step in the right direction for any SkUp user ;)

    Now you're just talking crazy lol

    That would require SU and Enscape to perfectly match views, not sure a 2 point perspective will work, and what Ted said.

    All the more reason to fix the 2-Point Perspective bug! I know the developer who made it work for Chaos Group. Hes a free agent. He would be happy to help point you in the right direction @Enscape Team... Just sayin.

    If it’s implemented correctly. I don’t use in-window rendering in V-Ray because I can’t clearly see the model below the rendering so I can’t make model edits.

    If there’s a way to show linework and tool functionality through the render, I’m all for this feature!

    only workaround is to not use asset library vegetation for reflective sufaces ....../sad/

    Or anything with a transparent alpha channel. I’ve found that anything with a transparent background results in weird reflections.