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    only workaround is to not use asset library vegetation for reflective sufaces ....../sad/

    Or anything with a transparent alpha channel. I’ve found that anything with a transparent background results in weird reflections.

    Sure, I'll contact you via PM and give you the address.

    Before 2.5 all textures were scaled to max 2048x2048px. If you've used 4k textures all the time - they were scaled down to 2048x2048, thus taking two times less RAM. I hope your model will give us an answer if it's RAM issue or something else.

    It sounds like its a ram issue and at some point I'm just running out. Ill send along the model today.

    Sending feedback from the scene now :)

    Doesn't seem to want to send. Is there direct email that might be better to send the file?

    I think Julio has the best example. Ill see if I can reproduce the same issue. Right now I'm using 2-4k textures in a medium sized scene and running into the black out texture issue shown above. Alexander Devaykin, I'm running a GTX 1080ti and if its a card RAM issue why would it occur in 2.5 and not 2.4, because of the new texture size limit being increased? I feel like the cap to resolution should be related to the available ram not a generalized limit.

    Face me's should not appear in reflections at all. You can avoid this pattern by not using the vegetation material on the geometry in the mirror.

    Some are face me others are just 2D flat components with the foliage material. But when I turn it into a dusk scene I want to see that light shine through the trees behind the camera.


    it will be better to not reflect any of these asset vegetation because of that unhappy reflections and it can be done rather in PS .

    can you just turn reflections off from AL vegetation until it will be done properly ?

    The goal is visualization in Enscape and the Enscape team has made it clear I. The past their goal is to give good in scene results that they don’t feel the compositing workflow is one they intend to pursue (there are comments regarding this with screen matching issues).

    That said I’d like to be able to have high quality reflections of what’s behind the camera. Maybe it’s an advance or capture toggle “enable high quality reflections in export”.

    Lumion has a method for this where you choose what surface you want high quality reflections on. Not sure how Enscape might do it but it’s definitely necessary.

    Hey Enscape team, its sad but I'm going to have to revert to an earlier version of Enscape. This 2.5 update is causing all kinds of material problems and is just super buggy. Materials randomly go black iin large scenes. It suddenly just freezes up. Its taking for ever to launch the scene. Its just a little too buggy for this go.

    Hi Guys,

    I'm getting terrible reflections in all my renders when I use either face me components or 2D Flat backgrounds. Is there a way to fix this? I use a mix of flat 2D PNGs and 3D assets to bring large file sizes down and to make scenes like these easier to navigate but the rendered results are terrible. Even in 2.5. Is there a way to make these reflections better? Or allow better reflections on export for rendered stills? Its fine when navigating the scene, but on export I have to go and fix everything in post before I can send these off tho clients.

    Demian Gutberlet, I was looking for it on the Trello board, but couldn't find it. Please definitely add my vote for this! I would love to be able to customize the web standalone the way I customize the .exe exports.

    Also, it would be great if you could also package the scene and host it on a private server? I have some government clients who don't allow files to be shared to any cloud based server system outside of their own secured cloud server.

    It was the entire 360 interactive walkthrough. Full control of the oculus cursor and navigation tools.

    I don't have any issues Ted...

    I got it up and running on both my laptop and desktop, but if the wifi isnt a strong enough connection I find has a lot of lag and its not a useful solution. I find it also doesn't work well with the standalone VR files unfortunately.

    carcar did you have any issues with install and set up? I keep getting audio failures for some reason. If tried the trouble shooting methods on GitHub, but have not had much luck. Did you run into any setup issues?