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    Thanks for the quick response Thomas. Ill use Enroths Slicer too in the meantime. Can you also consider creating a custom section shape tool? Similar to what V-Ray does, where you can designate a simple shape as the form of the section cut. Its very useful for building with odd shapes.

    Hi All,

    I'm hoping to get a quick solve for this. I'm finding that section planes nested inside of groups and components don't seem to work in Enscape. Is this a bug or a limitation. Current version is preview version:

    • If its a limitation it really should be supported. (pretty please!)
    • If it is a bug, when will it be fixed?

    Thanks in advance!

    Archvision did build a SketchUp plugin, but I don't know if it was ever publicly released. That said the content wasn't ever very good anyway.

    Ohhh, okay, when you said worksession file I for some reason assumed you were in Revit instead of Rhino. Yeah, since Rhino is their beta I wonder if this has come up before. Hey Micha have you seen anything like this in your work with Enscape for Rhino? I think you have the most experience here so far so I thought you might know a solve or a workaround.

    I don't work in Revit, but it sounds like possibly file pathing issue? if its a worksessioning file, would there be other teams in and out of the file? My first guess is that there is a texture they used local to another machine (on their desktop or local downloads folder) that you may not have access to via the network. rather than run down a rabbit hole, you could do a quick check to rule it out at least.

    Create a simple worksession file with a custom material that is only on your computer and then have another person on the network check to see if that texture renders correctly on their machine. If you see the same results as you've outlined above, i believe you'll have the culprit, if not its time to keep troubleshooting.

    It could be cool if that were a tool integrated into a standard spot light. That way, even if you don't have an IES light specific for a scene you can create some really nice lighting effects.

    Hey Mike!

    I'm not sure if upgrading the Z800 is worth it depending on its age and CPU/GPU combo. I'm assuming it has an older or lower end quadro in it (thats what mine had. Also, Do you know what CPU(s) are in it? Finally, the more ram, usually the better. That said, since you're working in SketchUp, it likes a really high clock speed (I'm running 4.0ghz on my i7 6950x) because it only uses a single core and I find it will also process a lot of geometry onto your ram at start up in larger scenes.

    Now that said, The Enscape guys might be better suited to answer what Enscape uses more of, but I'm of the understanding that its primarily using the GPU (please correct me if I'm wrong).

    So, you have a couple options moving forward, if your CPU(s) in the Z800 is fast enough, you might consider just buying a kick ass GPU like a 1080ti and then upgrade the the main rig in a couple more years. The other option is to build your own system. You can build a really nice 8c/16t Ryzen system with some solid ram and a 1060 -1070ti for your top end budget, but you have to be comfortable building your own system. If you build a system you can use a site like to spec out a machine. Unfortunately the parts keep going up in price so even systems I parted out 6 months ago have jumped substantially in price.

    Finally, you can always buy an low-mid tier gaming rig and swap in better ram/GPU in the future. I've bought a few machines off Woot in the past, I'm pretty thrifty, and have yet to have a problem buying referbs. (…ccessories?ref=w_cnt_wp_2)

    All in all you've got some options with your budget!

    Yes, but if i break the view I loose the client approved perspective. This is an important one if you want users like myself to jump off the V-Ray train. You have to match the viewport every time if the control is designed to match the viewport. It cant just be when its convenient. Again, If you need help (i know its a pain in the ass) I know the guys who did it already and might be able to help.

    Hi Guys,

    I'm in a time crunch and again I'm at a point where I need 2-point perspective to match the rendered Enscape export exactly. Please don't say this is an issue with SketchUp, because this is possible, and can be done, we had to do it with V-Ray, it can be done with Enscape.


    1. Create a new scene with some architectural object.
    2. Add two point perspective view.
    3. Pan or zoom to desired viewpoint location.
    4. Open Enscape with "Synchronize View" enabled and Capture> Resolution: Custom "Use Viewport Aspect Ratio" enabled.


    The rendered result do not match the SketchUp view port. You can see the results below.

    Please let me know if I'm wrong, or if there's a workaround I'm not aware of and I understand the time it takes to fix something like this, but it really needs to be resolved correctly. What I see in Enscape export should match exactly with what I see in the SketchUp viewport when these settings are enabled. If you need contacts at SketchUp to help fix this, I can put you in contact with the right people. If you need to know how V-Ray fixed this issue I can put you in-touch with the Dev who made it work (now at Trimbel with the SU team). But it needs a solve, and it needs it quickly because i dont want to constantly have to revert back to other programs when things like this occur.

    "We are using a flatscreen TV as a monitor and our computer only has one HDMI port which we are using for the Vive"

    Are you using one of the display-port plugs on the 1080ti for the TV connection or are you using the Motherboards HDMI plug. If youre plugging into the Motherboards HDMI out it could be a driver conflict between the Integrated Graphics and the GPU.

    Does anybody have any use for some Tesla cards? I have two lightly used K20s (5gb and about 2500 cuda cores) and a c2075 accelerator card (also 5gb and about 1500 cuda cores I think) They are collecting dust and I would hate for them to continue to do so. PM me if you're interested. Im not actually sure if enscape can use them, but I figured I would ask!