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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    Looks like it is a known bug - I followed option 2 and it resolved my issue

    Looking at your logfiles, I see you’ve hit a known bug in our current release related to texture material files linked via the Enscape Material Editor. Because the Enscape Material Editor adds additional material options outside of the native Sketchup options, the data is stored in the Program Files of the original machine. In previous versions, image files linked in the Enscape Material Editor were cleanly disconnected when the project moved from one storage location to another; however, this bug disrupts this disconnection and results in a corrupted image file instead.

    In order to solve this, you will either need to:

    • Update to our 3.5 Preview version, where this bug is addressed. Previews are unstable by nature due to them being unfinished products; however, this is the easiest method of fixing this.
    • Manually review all textures in the Enscape Material Editor, looking for either yellow error warnings in the place of the texture image or transparency cutout textures that are png files. Clicking the “x” on any of these selections will disconnect the file data.

    We have someone in our office using 3.2 and developed a sketchup model. Noone else in the office with 3.4 can start the enscape model. Gets to 99%, then hangs and submit feedback window appears. We are unable to submit the feedback because Sketchup will then bugsplat.

    I have tried:

    turning off offline assets

    If I downgrade another person's computer to 3.2 Enscape will open that file no problem.

    Mentioning this here as well: While the other feedback is still noted down too, the ability to disable the automatic geometry reload with each view switch will be added with a further update soon. Stay tuned!

    Has this feature be implemented where we can not reload geometry on each view change?

    Have you guys tried the openGL for RDP sessions yet?

    I found it referenced in this post:

    Only done some basic testing so far, I was able to RDP in from my macbook at home to my windows PC at work load up enscape and kick off a 20 minute video render

    Currently running an RTX2080 on the work desktop. I will do more testing on the new machines I have with RTX 3080s...

    small update

    I may have found a way to make changes that last, but it doesn't explain why it happens

    If I remap the texture file in the enscape material browser, save and close the file, before opening the file I do the following:

    Navigate to this folder: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Temp\Enscape\SketchupTextures

    Delete all files in that folder

    Reopen the file

    It seems that this allows me to make changes that "stick" Now to see if that workflow works for other team members working on the same file

    scratch that - was not a repeatable fix and only intermittently resolved the issue.

    Did a few searches - if this request is out there already a big thumbs up from me:

    Most of my IES lights are nested into components... sometimes deeply. Adjusting them to balance the lighting requires a lot of digging. How about a browser ala material browser that we can access all our lights that are in the model, and adjust the values in one place? It would be on the individual user to name them appropriately so they know which they are adjusting

    Wow - that is awesome. Will test it out and let you know how it works.

    BTW, are these types of things written in Ruby?

    Hey all,

    I appreciate this is a long shot, but we've been doing a fair amount of camera tracking from drone footage and then bringing the tracked camera into 3ds max to render buildings that match perfectly with the drone footage. Is it possible to import an animated camera into enscape? I'd love to just export the camera as an FBX and have the option to render out of enscape instead of vray.

    Kind regards,


    Man - I'd love to hear more about your workflow. I have started looking at using reality capture software to generate a mesh, but if we can take footage into 3DS and get a mesh....

    One workflow we have done is to export the sketchup materials as .skm files, which do keep the enscape material data.

    I have often run into the above mentioned downside - people change/rename materials to make it look a certain way in sketchup, breaking how it looks in Enscape.

    I usually end up doing all the material work in the site model, then making sure they get applied to the correct surfaces in the building model when I import it.

    The Material Replacer extension is a godsend for this function, the Material Tools are also very useful!

    Can you make a box, for example, and assign it an enscape ID so that the box will be rendered as that id (like a tree or a car?)

    My real issue is taking an exported model from revit, which had several enscape assets. I was hoping I could someone change the text in the definition and have enscape render it correctly, but that isn't working.

    I know their is a tree library for revit that does this, unsure how to accomplish it in Sketchup

    Feel free to delete if this isn't appropriate. I am interested to know what other people's workflows are to generate those higher quality stills. Enscape is currently the only render engine we use in the office. Is their a way to capture the investment in materials/lighting in another render engine for stills?

    We work both Revit and Sketchup - I would suspect the Revit materials/lighting will carry through better than Sketchup, so lets focus this question on a Sketchup workflow