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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    I can share some experience.

    We started with adding some eGPUs to Dell 5510s. Only 2 lane thunderbolt, but it worked. Provided a single cable dock solution when paired with Razer Core v2

    Next went to the new XPS 15” with 1050 maxq. Works okay as a standalone work station for light duty enscape work. Not a VR headset solution.

    I have now deployed 3 Razer 15” advanced with the 2070 - maxqs. Been very happy with these so far as a upgrade to the XPS 15s. Not an insignificant cost premium but has removed the eGpu from the equation. 2 of the users are using dual 4k monitors at their workstation, running directly off the laptop. The other is on a 38” ultrawide. Nice thing with the Razers is they have way more usb ports than the XPS. Have not yet tried to Rift on the Razer 15s.

    Thunderbolt and eGPUs have proven to be mostly reliable, but occasionally they can be flaky. Id say we have about 6 workstations still using them. Biggest annoyance by far - unplug the dock while Revit is open and Revit will crash with no chance to save.

    Feel free to PM me with any specific questions.

    The issue has happened to me at two different workstations so far. One conference room an one at my desk. They are both using logitech wireless keyboards (K270)

    The keyboard in general still works in other programs, although I don't know if I specifically typed the wasd keys, but all indication is that they would still work.

    The arrow keys still worked for navigation. If it happens again I will submit a feedback report

    I have had a few instances where a running window of Enscape will lose WASD functionality and only the arrow keys will work. Typically restarting Enscape will fix the issue, but certainly frustrating when it happens in meetings in front of clients.

    Have experienced this on 2.4 and 2.5 in Sketchup.

    In our office we typically have a building model(s) and a site model. Most of the renderings are completed in the site model

    What is the best way to manage material settings for the building model(s)

    Ideally I would modify the materials in the site model - and then when I reload the linked model those settings would apply to the newly linked model

    Potential downsides - the teams working on the linked models may rename/change applied materials. So if we do the material editing on the building model, will those settings carry through to the site model?

    Does that make sense? What workflows are other folks using?

    Are those enscape material settings stored in the settings.xml file in /Documents/Enscape or are they stored in the model itself, or somewhere differently?

    I have the same issue basically - I cannot get renders from my laptop and desktop to match - even worse when trying to assist with a coworker that has who-knows-what resolution.

    Is there a way to "set" the view/camera - akin to taking a video frame where you can lock in the window. Then assign that as the render.

    I suppose I could try a single keyframe video export?

    Is there a link to the privacy policy of content placed on the Enscape cloud?

    We work on some very confidential projects and I have been asked about ownership of images placed on the cloud.

    In addition, it would be great to be able to add some level of security/restricted access to a link (passcode, whitelisted emails, etc)


    I just ordered a new XPS 15" (4 lane thunderbolt 3) and a Razer V2 eGPU (putting a 1080 Ti) with the intent of:

    Having a primary Revit workstation that can run Enscape (non VR) on a regular basis - but not have to lug a gaming rig around

    Use the eGPU as a dock - but provide the power needed for running an Oculus (and can offer a mobile solution)

    I can report back in a week or so once i receive the items.