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    the same scene after 2 Yrs but under eevee a raster rendering engine, similar to enscape..

    glass ior works fine.

    Really appreaced features: AO setting for better shadows effect, ior improved, IES for ligthing sources

    Never understood that unsane behaviour from mirror reflections on enscape.

    is it an architectural engine?

    yes.... i think this must be the first problem to solve.

    a room is full of reflective object.

    a barber room, a living room, a simple bathroom...

    that is crazy for a plugin like enscape.

    I hope this, will be patched soon.

    Hi all, in this quarantine period i 'm dusting my rhino skills, i already downloaded last version of enscape2.7, hoping something changed in positive road
    through these months.

    But still a lot of problems under rhino:

    1) still no IES support, for interior design a convincing illumination is a fundamental feature, and rhino is one of the best 3Dcad program to do everything you want.

    2) settings popup. It's crazy. now is bounded to rhino window, if i close rhino as icon, the menu window disappear following rhinoceros. i have a render window without the menu popup to make some change. i must run rhino next to render window. uncofortable .

    3) the quality shadows without an AO parameter to setup the occlusion, is terrific. All objects seem to be flying.

    4) the quality edge is strange, but i think this could be a problem of rhino nurbs (i must encrease the quality inside rhino). Some edges are jagged.

    5) no way to setup env. coordinates in Z axe, or scale it for a better visualization.

    6) the glass refraction and ior quality still unreal ,so difficult gain a glass effect in enscape.(as Eevee)

    positive features:

    1)the clearcot is amazing, making easy the car body finish

    2)the new material icon and menu. now is complete and is a good way to make materials inside rhino.

    obvious, thank for your job and effort

    Stay safe and at home! greeting from italy.

    trick for faking ies effect:

    i was searching for a tutorial about eevee and lights interior illumination and finally i found a trick that you (i guess) can import in rhino using enscape for faking ies light.

    i used blender and eevee, but things are the same in rhino and i think enscape can replicate it in a good way.


    add 3 source of light( 3 spotlights) at the same position, overlayed, or you can positionate them in different coordinate (such i made in my example) for all them you must chance the cone value, to achieve a light more sophisticated.

    try by youself and post the result.

    here my first attempt ( eevee like enscape for rhino, has not ies)

    hope this was usefull, waithing for official feature

    HI people :)

    I'm here againt to see your improvements in the new 2.6 beta version and 5.2. using my new pc.

    I liked the speed, still great ... i liked the final quality render not so bad but i experienced some problems in glasses.

    despite the early version, i can see reflections on glass improved, but still not so good.

    the worst aspect, using glass(ior.152) material in rhino editor or using the brand new editor is a low quality of ior. the ior is completely absent, glass seems to be fake, and this vanificate all your work in this plugin.

    So, i try to render the same scene in blender using cycles(that is my engine for the moment) i dont toke care about wood or plaster, only the glass was edited to create a glass plane in the shower with ior and reflection as default values, one source light and a preview quality- sample number(only 64)

    glasses are good and visible in their fullness, and this is how i think glass seem to be in reality.

    SO,is there a way to improve glasses into enscape?

    thanks for your attention.

    same at rhino.

    i tried also in sketchup and after loading a cube to renderize, suddently enscape crashes.

    this 2.4 has a lot of bugs?or is depending of video cards drivers? or something like this?


    CPU amd 1090T

    GPU Nvidia gt740

    8GB ram

    Win10 home


    using moi3d and exporting my files as 3ds (6mega with low poly option and run like a charm) i think the skp engine of moi could be a better solution i will try tomorrow, now i'm tired to experiment further

    I know moi3d that was created thanks an Old developer of rhino who abandoned the mcnell staff.

    I will take a look also at moi.

    No, nothing about fbx format but I can give a chance also to this.

    Thanks a lot.

    R6 has a better export engine also for what concerns skp.

    If you try under R5, file was exported correctly but when you try to search it doesn't exist at all. This has no sense and was already treated at the mcnell Forum before.

    Very strange behaviour to handle external formats

    Thanks for your support too.

    Understood from the mcneeldiscourse site, where's the problem to import inside sketchup.

    the best choice is convert files in 3ds or dxf but using polisurfaces as meshes(done as first choise and attempt) i knew 3ds is the best way to ease files

    the other problem is that sketchup can't handle files over 80mb, for files <80 mb infact import problems disappear

    This is the cad program which enscape staff is focused on? :D:D :thumbsup:

    Ok, i toke a look around and I thought it was a sketchup plugin for exporting files... simlab is a cad program (never heared before today) that is capable to export in several other 3d file, but the problem remains, cause if i try to export from simlab as skp it goes crazy after few minutes and remains stuck for ever with their spinning logo

    if i load a simple 3d project there'are not any problem to export from a program to another one

    i think the issue , the real issue is discover a way to ease the original file. there are in the warehouse whole exterior\interior skechtup projcts that are about 10MB or more. mine in 3ds format almost 100Mb in DXF the took 700MB and we 're talking about interior scenes! too much

    HI all.

    This is my first attempt to use Sketchup instead of rhino, to solve the loss of IEs feature for rhino.

    i tried all supported 3d-extension to import my 3dm inside sketchup, but my use-experience was awful due some issues:

    1) when i try to export from rhino as SKP, the program stucks in every attempt i guess because my files are too large to export as SKP

    2) so, i try to export as DXF, and all surfaces through the popup were converted as meshes to make things easiest and keep layers inside , after opened sketchup i click file-> import -> DXF, the file was recognized correctly but was a unique block with the layers loaded, so i must explode it to separate and achieve surfaces layered, but this option stucks sketchup that finally crashs with a splat- popup, however the file imported as DXF is not easy to manage, sketchup runs really slow and finally the only thing i can do is close it and retry with another attempt as collada or 3ds! the experience is the same, HORRIBLE, slow, and Insane.<X

    A lot of suggests are appreciated.