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    When rendering video's I often get ghosting effects like below. Disabling motion blur does not solve it. Rendering was set to Ultra. 4K video render. RTX2080.

    As 'workaround' I moved the bird to another location. And for the person I upped the framerate to 120. The ghosting is still there but the 'steps' are smaller so less obvious.

    I also get this with shadows.

    I installed "Spin Camera" extension. There is just one button. Looks like "Spin Camera" is also part of "Curic Allign View extension"

    Tried again today in SK2019 and SK2018. I only have the red button but will not get the panel with the sliders for play, stop, speed and z. Where did you download your version?

    BTW I do like the align view. Very handy.

    I installed "Spin Camera" extension. There is just one button. Looks like "Spin Camera" is also part of "Curic Allign View extension"

    thx. Somehow I missed the second window allowing you to change speed and such. Will have another look

    It works great with SU 2019 (..and 2020 beta)

    I just used "Synchronze Views" and stopped animation to add keyframes at estimated pace.

    strange. It did not work correctly with my SK2019. How many buttons do you get after installing?

    Unfortunately the plugin above seems not compatible with SK2019.

    Recently I had to do a very long and complicated camerapath including half turntable shots and with the ability to change sections later. My expierience is that if you try to do that in Enscape it is very difficult to change later without disturbing the flow.

    I was able to 'solve' it using this tool It costs 7USD. Kind of a hassle but hey 'if it is stupid but it works, it is not stupid.

    1. You setup the camerapath in SK with lines and curves (and save a copy just in case).

    2. You divide the straight lines into a number of sections (with rightclick divide). Then weld them together again with another plugin. This way you have one line consisting of multiple sections (just like the curves have default).

    3. Select each line/curve and with right click using the flightpath2 plugin you can convert each step of the line/curve into a 'scene'. You can choose also what the camera has to look at during the steps. So for example you can do a halve cirle around an object and choose the object as focus point. Or you could choose to point the camera at the next step in line/curve.

    4. Link the camera of Enscape to SK and go through each scene in SK and then record a camera point in Enscape. Save the camera path and voila.

    5. To make a change redo the relevant section. Save the camerapath. Open it in a texteditor and substitute the new camera points into the overall file. Just makes sure the numbering stays correct. You can change that manually. Make sure to also check the total amount of points at the top of the textfile.

    Totaly not efficient but at least I was able to achieve consistent results and make changes later. Enscape should allow camera movements to follow a path drawn in SK and also the ability to define 'lookat' objects during the flythrough.

    Can someone please update me on the status of object animations and the ability to play video clips in VR?

    I need this for a client and would prefer to use Enscape. I have started looking into alternatives like the (currently) free Twinmotion and Simlab Composer VR which offer these capabilities but like the tighter realtime integration of Enscape with Sketchup.

    If someone has other suggestions then please tell me as well.

    Hey I got myself the Quest but, I don't really get how you stream it? I mean I can stream my desktop, but I can't fully walk around like I would with the rift am I right?

    With Virtual Desktop (sideloaded version) you can run SteamVr via wifi from your laptop/PC to your Quest with full 6DOF movement. Just make sure to use 5GHz wifi so you have enough bandwidth. There is little bit of lag so not suitable for Beat Saber but for Enscape perfectly fine. The only thing is that the Quest controller trigger button doesn’t work properly in Enscape. The viewer can not teleport. In the 2.7 preview version this should be solved.

    As stated in another thread I am having good results with the Oculus Quest in a wireless setup. Also inside out tracking.

    Unfortunately the most important button (teleport) is not mapped. Enscape is looking into it.

    Seems that a custom mapping feature would enable the proper use of different headsets.

    Until now rendering images at 4K was sufficient. However today a client requested a higher resolution. Even with my 11GB RTX2080TI I am not able to render much higher resolutions than 4K before Enscape crashes.

    Would it be possible to implement a solution like you did for the panorama renders?

    (making multiple renders and then stitch them into one image)

    So currently which is the best option for the best VR output, Keeping it wired or wireless - for enscape.

    1)To showcase to client

    2)To Work

    In a fixed setting I am very happy with the performance of my Vive Pro with wireless adapter. No cables to worry about or clients getting tangled up.

    At client locations I am trying the Oculus Quest streaming wirelessly from the laptop. Thanks to the inside out tracking there is no need for basestations and cables and stuff. Much easier and faster to deploy. Unfortunately the trigger button does not work as it should. Enscape is currently looking into it. This would be the ideal solution.

    Sean Farrell

    Can you give any indication if the controller issue is solvable? I am eager to deploy this solution for my business and would appreciate any feedback.

    Alternatively for the time being can you make it so that I can press a button on my laptop to activate the teleport? It is not ideal but at least workable.

    With that I mean. The user points to a location with the teleport arc and I trigger the teleport.

    Sean Farrell

    The way the controller is emulated is puzzling to me.

    In the SteamVR 'waiting room' I see the Rift S controller. The grip button and the thumbstick are animated analog. Pressing the button halfway will also show it halfway in VR. The trigger button on the other hand is either pressed or not pressed.

    Also in the Enscape executable I see the Rift S controllers. The buttons are not animated by the way. But when opening the key binding menu from the settings it shows the Touch controller and there is no option to choose the Rift S. Choosing another controller will not change the controller in Enscape anyway.

    As you can see the teleport arc works as expected. But I cannot execute the teleport.

    If there is any testing I can do from my end. Please let me know. I am very motivated to get this working. My system, drivers and SteamVR are all up to date.