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    ... folder inside my working project folder call "Enscape Settings" and for each and every project...this file is then accessible to other members in the studio that are working the project.

    ... which is best practice for now :):thumbup:

    Skatter?!? - No! Another one who wants to cheat us with a photo of his garden !!! ;);)

    just silly fun of course :) So great and for me pure sorcery !! <3:thumbup:

    Yep, not mentioning full or key models of foreign origin have been used is kind of odd. Would definitely appreciate users to point out if the model they're presenting has been done by them or by a 3rd party - otherwise taking the submissions in the showcase section seriously might be hard.

    ... I agree completely and yes, of course we realize that this is "only" about rendering here - but which is no excuse not to name content authors.
    Sorry Elnata Fernandes this statement does not refer to you specifically ;) - but to place a few trees and press render and possibly ask for "hope you like it" is not enough :P:P:P:P

    Hi andybot, hmm, not really so many steps, considering the fact that we, my team and me, finally have a working process of congruence between SU and ENSC (and additionally a process that also runs with my private SU 2017 Make ;)) The really only additional step is the adjustment of the SkUp Viewport. An Enscape Capture render resolution setting must be done anyway.

    now to your question :)

    ...can't you just use the camera aspect ratio tool in SU (black bars in the SU window)?...

    unfortunately, I don't know or understand what you're describing in your question or what black bars in SkUp Window are - could you please explain or show it to me?

    Hi Everybody

    I want to show you a stable SketchUp Workaround-Workflow that will enable you to reproduce an always identical, fixed and clearly determined SketchUp Viewort Synchronized Enscape rendering result, completely independent of:

    • how you have set up your SketchUp program window
    • which monitor sice you use
    • what aspect ratio size of any SkUp viewport you are eventually using
    • on which other equipped computer you will eventually work (for example PC vs Notebook)
    • where or under what workplace conditions you work
    • who is doing it on any other computer
    • synchronizes both: still images and video render export

    Since Enscape itself is unfortunately not yet able to provide this capability, since it is highly disadvantageously connected to the given SkUp viewport dimensions, the trick is to manipulate SketchUp itself, temporarily or if desired permanently, so that SketchUp´s own viewport gets assigned a determined fixed size.

    Important to understand here is that within SketchUp not the actual pixel numbers are relevant, but only the this way resulting pixel ratio Width to Height.

    Also SketchUp itself is part of this dilemma. Also SketchUp itself, after so many years, is unable to disconnect its own exports from its own currently and randomly given viewort aspect ratio.

    The possible but well working workaround solution:

    By means of the ingenious plugin Eneroth Viewport Resizer, it is possible to assign a desired determined size to SkUp's own viewort. So SketchUp itself already creates the requirements to which Enscape then can refer in it´s capture process. This approach is also suitable for SketchUp´s native own exports for which once was developed for example the plugin SU[CH] by Renderiza (which is no longer available in this free form unfortunately), even if a downstream renderer is not in the play. (so, if you run SU[CH], keep it! ;-) )


    The example below shows the procedure

    Picture 1: shows the adjustment of the SketchUp viewport to a HD ratio.

    Even if I´ll intend to make a huge render resolution later, the small screen of my notebook only allows a small SkUp viewport representation and since I only use this setting temporarily for the Enscape rendering production, I decided to use 480 x 270 pixels here.

    Picture 2: since I have already set a HD viewport ratio within SketchUp, I can now set the desired render resolution in the Enscape capture window – here I decided to use 7680 x 4320 pixels which simply is a multiple of the done SketchUp viewport adjustment above. Please keep in mind that the only thing that matters is your own determined pixel ratio Width to Height!


    • as far as I know, the plugin Eneroth Viewport Resizer is only available for OS Windows
    • you must be willing a determined SkUp viewport setting (for example HD) for your scene camera settings
    • if several people work on the project, all project associates must have and use this plugin

    Hi, I just wanted to express that it is a pity to see these mirroring flaws in a simple still image rendering, where realtime performance is so much less important than waiting a few render seconds longer for an at least usable result then ;) (but the Enscape people are already working on it which is good :))