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    hi All - could someone please give me a little help here:

    When I render a PANO, the pano-result I get has nothing whatsoever to do with the preset selected for this "scene" and its appearance in the Enscape-preview window.
    The extreme over- and under exposures are particularly bad...

    What am I doing wrong?

    ...Just to finish off this post:

    I finally found the time to update to Enscape 4.0.1

    The Windows uninstaller alone did not work. So I used Revo uninstaller in addition which finally worked.

    It is very desirable that these Enscape update processes run easier and above all cleaner in the future, especially with the high frequency of updates...

    Thanks timeless for your help and patience 😉 but just with the WIN-method I run into some no man's land. In contrast to all other installed software I can't find any options via Windows which are related to my Enscape installation, and so certainly no unistall enscape option.

    Now I don't dare to update to the latest version because my last update paralysed me for several days precisely because of Enscape's messy deinsall process.

    By the way and to remain fair this was a phenomenon which never occurred with Enscape before. The trouble for me so far only occurred with this preview-version:

    "...A simple uninstall and reinstall of Enscape3D does the trick..."
    Hi timeless

    I still have no idea how to uninstall Enscape 🤔 how exactly is it done?

    (I ask because I recently had trouble with an update and to uninstall Enscape it was recommended here in the forum to use the Revo Uninstaller for that - is that the method to do that you meant?)

    ...just for your information - this Revo Uninstaller-thing worked well :thumbup: Our IT just solved this installing issue by using this recomended tool

    ...this entire topic is also an important concern for me.

    Within the company all this is unproblematic, as we all access the same server structure within our own country.

    But as soon as my company colleagues abroad are involved, the whole thing no longer works.

    For a start, at least a project export directory generated from Enscape would be helpful - a directory in which all textures and maps as well as all the other resources used would be collected, such as IES files or HDRIs.

    Ok, it's not christmas but at least easter is coming soon ;) so here's another wish: This "collection directory" should by default be automatically stored next to the CAD file in use...

    Hello! Can you try first uninstalling Enscape using the steps from the thread below and then try re-installing the preview version?

    RE: Previous Release / Preview Threads Merged

    ...Thank you for your message Ilias Kapouranis :thumbup:

    On the one hand, I don't really understand what exactly needs to be done or how and on the other hand, I'm not allowed to use such an uninstall tool on my company´s computer. (I deinstalled Enscape before by using Windows instead)

    ...thanks to All for your help :thumbup:

    ok, I installed this latest preview "Enscape-"
    - now Enscape has completely disappeared.
    - Not even Enscape´s icon bar is available within SketchUp now.
    - Enscape is also no longer listed as an extension in SketchUp´s extensions menu now.

    Hi All
    can someone please tell me what the selectable setting PNG + Apply Alpha Channel is meant for?
    I assumed that the rendered PNG image would at least be a cutout, isolated from the background or at least a file that is actually equipped with an Alpha Channel...

    ... hmmmm, IES-profiles don't make sense with the other kind of light sources, that's why they aren't to connect to for example sphere lights or rectangular lights.