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    Hi Ola Eriksson
    Yes, this strange zoom behaviour of Enscape is a real plague and it's a mystery to me why it hasn't already been finally abolished! nevertheless:

    I use Photo Match at least once a week and I have no problems with it, at least if you proceed as described in this article:

    RE: Another WIP-MatchPhoto Example
    The whole trick is really that both SketchUp's viewport and Enscape's render settings are fully synchronised with the used photo´s aspect ratio by using the "Eneroth Viewport Resicer"-plugin:…/eneroth-viewport-resizer

    Hi All - again a stupid question :);)

    I don't understand how I can get access to the icons located on the right within Enscape´s render window.

    Often I am on the road only with the notebook and have limited space on the monitor therefore. So I shrink down the render window. Every time I want to have access for example to the Visual settings icon I have to fiddle around the render window which is much too awkward.

    I'm sure this works better somehow and I just missed the trick that everyone else knows already ;) ?

    ...When batch rendering, I see the image been zommed in and so exported.

    ...which would be a crap actually - so far I don´t use Enscape´s batch rendering - I will check that at the next opportunity baut I wouldn't really be surprised (everyone here knows, I don't appreciate Enscape's camera skills very much ;))
    Do you have actiateded Eneroth Viewport Resizer when you start the batch rendering?

    🤣 exciting and funny how different visual communication works - really before Demian Gutberlet woke me up this morning I clicked on pretty much everything below "Windows" but not on this orange OS button itself 🤣 and thank you for not grilling me for my narrowness 🤣

    Best with enough coffee in the meantime ☕

    Suggestion for your Web-Download Site / improvement (not such an important subject;))

    whenever I open SketchUp and whenever you keep ready a newer version of Enscape then, I get the system info "New Enscape version available!" - This is very well done and I like this! :thumbup::thumbup:

    Not well done on the other hand is your download page which then opens, as soon as I use your "Click to download"-link - now there opens a web-page which is actually not the announced download page but (at least from my point of view) rather any graphically very poorly done site with a mini button "here" hidden somewhere way down. This can be offered much better in terms of web- and communication design I think...
    When one is led to a download page, download buttons should be pretty much the first thing one should find there! - For you it is more logical for any reason to offer "System and Hardware Requirements" there instead :P8o and the download buttons themselves are literally untraceable small...

    hi again - much more than running people or waving palms this is really very important for me and "my" company -
    to get Enscape more in the direction of professional workflows (preconfigured instead of endless individually and project by project manual work) on the one hand and to provide own material libraries for colleagues and external users in a comfortable way on the other hand - is there any movement in this direction meanwhile?

    Why not choose another editor if you don’t like this one so much? ...

    Hi deanepersson

    Of course, also for me most videos get edited in any suitable 3rd party editor (like Premiere Pro), with everything I usually need or like - things like cuts, fade in and out, text, dubbing etc. etc... And of course The Enscape video editor itself only provides the needed raw video sequences. I don't even get the idea that Enscape´s video editor should replace any proper 3rd party editor ;-)

    So my criticism above is only related to the (for me) unbearably badly done options of this native Enscape video tool which can hardly or at least with too much effort be compensated by a 3rd party editor...

    ... good point Tomasz Drgas:thumbup:

    Since we also constantly work on our projects across teams and countries, a reasonable synchronization of render-relevant hardware is impossible. Therefore, we have set the rule in the company that ALL renderings must be executed under absolutely the same "lab" conditions. In detail, this means that we all reduce our SkUp viewport to an HD aspect ratio before we export both, renderings from SketchUp itself as well as HD viewport synchronized renderings with Enscape.

    This practice even allows us to reliably post-process projects that need to have the same look we produced a year earlier.

    This practice seems laborious at first, but it is not and instead it makes our lives much easier! It has arisen from the need you describe, that Enscape itself is not sufficiently able to support such relevant workflow- and production needs and I hope that finally any update will acknowledge this so imprtant point! ;)

    :thumbsup: ...these two contributions from you are a nice and pleasant contrast to the usual "cool villa with supercar in front in any unbelievably beautiful surroundings"... :)

    thanks for sharing!
    [btw - for me it is always welcome to see also a model screenshot :thumbup::thumbup:]

    Hi All - often it is necessary to correct the color appearance in a rendering. For this the option "tint color" is well suited. But instead of awkwardly choosing any given preset color swatches there or having to laboriously type in a desired R-G-B value, it would be great if we could simply drag and drop a desired texture into this "slot" as an additional option there.