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    Perhaps set the actual height rather than a %? (Grass improvements)

    not a bad idea :thumbup:

    it seems that grass proxies are used here ? so the height indication should be possible somehow (sometime)

    Anyway, I also run the latest preview (beta) as a trial and didn't notice the given height setting - great as is now for all cases.

    BTW Prairie Grass : has anyone tested the interaction with Skatter already?

    :thumbup: good suggestions from both of you - also for me all this is a randomly clicking so far and looking, what happens.

    very interesting for me: how to adjust artificial interior light sources in combination with daylight ...

    ... a nice example ! - thanks :thumbup:

    as I said before - I don´t claim to have an advantage but such kind of workflows often grow independent and in conjunction with the tools available.
    I worked with Artlantis Render long and long ago which was my first rendering-thing ever - there was and still is only this non-AA option which is better than nothing, the same in Render[In], which is the little "Abvent-Sister" from Artlantis ...

    Now Im looking forward to your mask tolerance tutorial, hopefully in Photoshop :):)

    Hi Micha

    I´ll share an example here which is not particularly sophisticated at all, but real at least ;)

    The render is created with Render[In]. If you specify PSD as render-output-format there, Render[In] creates a bunch of additional layers automatically next to the render itself. - e.g. Ambient Occlusion, Z-Depth, Object ID, Material ID, etc.

    The PSD screenshot shows only the layers I kept. Additionally I post the original material ID layer in png-format as well as a finished colored example.

    Since the resolution is quite high, I can print the image on A2 sice even without the above mentioned "non-AA-stair-egdes" would be noticeable that much or even disturbing for me.

    The "conflict" - antialiased object vs aliased mask - does not arise in my opinion, instead, this system guarantees me a perfectly colored result without psd fumbling or masks errors ... Again: this is not any lecture or wiseassing, but just a look how I work with this topic ...

    Thanks to All - and you all are right :) this topic depends very much on the individual accustomed workflows.

    I only knew the "without AA"-variants so far, so I think (as an option for the future) keeping a selection checkmark like in the SkUp export could be ideal.

    Hi Micha

    Material IDs from render tools (I know these for example from Artlantis Render or RenderIn as well) always output this pixel image without AA. In this case, this must be without AA, so a selection always functions precisely contoured. (In practice, this works better the higher the resolution is, of course.) By the way, you can also render these IDs natively from SketchUp without AA. - Or you use the plugin SU-CH which automates the many styles settings, e.g. also for shadow or hidden line etc.


    There is hardly any project, I don't use this technique. In the case of Enskape this could be a little less important here and there because the render time is so short . For Exteriors In general I always use Photoshop to mount the finished image...

    Or if I make project variants with different colors only, I never render these variants, but multiply these color variants in Photoshop then. So you see, such a Material-ID thing is very important, at least for me ^^


    :/ once again I apologize for my lack of comprehension - what does "install the latest preview" mean and where do I find it?

    I don´t find any product called preview on ... So thank you for your advice, but I don't understand what you try to say me.

    Or are you talking about a new Enscape-Trial download? If so, where can I download it and wöuld my Trial still run? - You see,

    I have no idea what I should do - could you at least help me with the corresponding links or any screenshots?

    Hi All

    exporting a material ID image is an essential part of my workflow - so I am happy that Enscape offers this possibility.

    Usually, a material ID image is used for PostPro (e.g. for making color variants in PSD etc. etc). However, this only works if the exported material ID

    dummy-color-areas are sharply contoured and exportet without any Anti-Alias, for example for making the use of mask tools possible etc.

    Unfortunately Enscape does not provide the necessary export quality here and I can't find the possibility to get this quality?

    thanks for this info - I´ve downloaded encscape last week and am running in the trial period right now.

    So it should be the newest one (screenshot below)?

    "Hi EGIE I moved your post into this thread." I don´t understand or find whre you moved my post - can you help me please :-)

    "If you're using a version older than please visit our preview area via the bottom of our download area.

    You can access the download area via the About window -> "Visit download area" - again no Idea what you describe and mean here

    Sorry - I'm a dummy ;-))

    Best, Egie