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    Hi Demian,

    I understood that a complete mirror effect is not possible because of Enscape real time rendering system.


    won’t it be possible to improve this, as Twinmotion did with the reflection prob ?...

    ...for sure many people want an improvement here but Twinmotion's strange reflection prob procedure is something I would not like to experience in Enscape ;):)

    ... ok - installed Enscape 2.8 and did all I meant to be done to run a SkUp-Scene-Batch-Render - but not one single Render is matching :?::!::?: not evan close to the SU-Scene. Enscape is rendering any random views. So I assume that I'm missing any detail? what brings up my demand for fast and dirty screencast videos instead of writing too much novels here ;-)

    ... ;) I would suggest we use 2.8 as the basis of this discussion going forwards, as that is the (most) current implementation we have to work from.

    It would be great if you could try that version to see if it makes this easier to understand...

    ... shame on me ;) - where do I find version 2.8 and will it run with my SkUp 2019? (I only find version 2.7.2...)

    Herbo - You're a really smart and talented guy :thumbup::thumbup: Thanks !!!!

    just for the named PNG path above: I found it here:

    Hi & thanks Pete Chamberlain, with "Enscape Render Preview Window mode" above I meant "Current Enscape Viewport" ;-)
    (which is a mode that I avoid at all costs as it always leads only to a singular nice image and always avoids a processual reproductability)

    Pete Chamberlain,

    sorry but I cannot understand what you are trying to explain, either. Do you mind we start from a simple question, then go further?

    Question 1- yes or no

    Is it possible to have batch renders that match the views I set in Rhino?

    I concur with Goodmorning´s question but supplemented by SktchUp's native scenes also:
    Is it possible to have batch renders that match the views I set in SketchUp?

    This question is extremely important because it refers to our workflow-, process- and production reality.

    Below I´ll show you an example of what "processual reproductability" and "workflow-, process- and production reality" could mean and why a CAD-scene-based batch rendering is so crucial, but never ever any "Current Enscape Viewport"

    ... trying to understand it I have tested a bit more.

    Do I understand it correctly? - Enscape's batch rendering is only possible within the Enscape Render Preview Window mode? - but never with the Scenes determined within SketchUp which would require View Synchronization? is this correct? The consequence would be that an automated batch render production of SketchUp scenes would be impossible - is this correct?

    ? thanks but sorry - I have no idea what you are saying ?? ;-) is there finally any Tut out on YouTube?

    [single Named Views (which means a normal single render?), unless they are 2-P Perspectives, are always determined by SketchUp scenes with view synchronization enabled because of workflow reasons. But never ever by enscape!]

    ;-) thanks for all the explanations - but I do not understand a single word and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.
    No matter what I set - enscape batch-render renders any arbitrary random unusable results, but never the intended scene.
    The Batch-Render results are not at all congruent with enscapes renderpreview - Rendering a single scene on the other hand gives the right result.